Sharp FO 2950 Printer – The Perfect Office Printer/Fax Combo

by garrett on October 28, 2009

Every business establishment needs a printer. This is as essential these days as having a telephone and a business card. Home business workers and owners, as well as students, know they need this device to produce required work. One machine that answers the needs of so many is the Sharp FO 2950 printer using Sharp FO 2950 cartridge to produce exceptionally professional prints every time.

The main qualities the printer needs to have are high output and reliability. The Sharp FO 2950 printer is essential these days for just those reasons. It is multifunction and gives each print at a high speed. This is another essential quality of a printer. Even the per cartridge output must be more.

If the company is well known the replacement toner cartridges can be easily available. Anyone would love to have a scanner, copier, fax, and a printer combined in one machine. This would make things convenient and also take up less office space. The printer that satisfies these conditions is the Sharp FO 2950.

The company that manufactures this printer is Sharp. It is a well-known Japanese company that is a pioneer in the field of electronics. As anyone can see, Japanese products are always high in quality and easy on pocket. This company has been rolling out good and better products over the years.

This Sharp FO 2950 is a device that gives high quality services like printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. It also has an email provision in the device. This feature helps the user to scan the documents and send as an email.

The printing speed of this device is eight pages per minute. Even scanning rate is 8 ppm. It has an in-built modem that has a speed of 14.4 kpbs. The device has a facility for quick dialing up to 100 speed dials and touch dialing up to 20.

Printer capacity is calculated depending upon average printing capacity and this printer’s capacity is be 200 pages and the auto document feeder can do about 20 sheets. This is a great feature with this printer. The printing resolution of the Sharp FO 2950 is 1800 X 600 dpi. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) printing is also supported. This means to print the document as you see it. The high-resolution helps to print even pictures with more quality and clarity.

The machine can scan at 600 dpi. The machine can also be connected to the computer for sending faxes. Yes, this device supports PC to fax service. Thus the documents presented in the computer are sent by the computer to the machine, and the machine faxes them to the required location.

By using the email facility any document can be sent by email just after scanning. The scanned documents will be sent as attachments. This is a very nice idea because the document can be just scanned and sent this will indeed save money and time in the long run.

Saving money is a goal with most businesses today and when it is time to replace the Sharp printer toner you will want to make a good choice. Part of that good choice is using quality Sharp toner in your printer for the best results. There are many toner companies online that can provide exactly what you want at the price you want it. Overall, the Sharp FO 2950 printer is an excellent multifunction machine.

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