Some Of The Best Things To Do In Italy

by garrett on September 12, 2011

Italian living is big on enjoying life’s little pleasures. It’s easily done when in the midst of vast, incredible beauty. Looking for things to do in Italy doesn’t require an agenda but it does require a U.S. Passport. Just a pair of sunglasses and walking shoes will let you in on ‘la dolce vita’, the sweet life, making ‘Arrivederci’ the last word you want to hear. Be sure not to neglect your US passport renewal so you don’t have to delay your adventure.

Where Is Italy?

The ‘boot’ defines the shape of this southern European peninsula. Several islands, including the largest, Sicily and Sardinia, make up this territory. The locations that create landscapes are factors that determine the climate. High elevations of the mountains are cold and snow covered. The coastline is generally warm and dry and low-lying valleys are hot in summer. North is humid, but temperate. The quintessential Mediterranean meteorology graces southern regions.

Lake Bolsena

At the heart of Italian life, in the central portion of the boot, you can see the real picture of small town living with big city life at arms reach. Celebrating the little things is seen at Lake Bolsena where nature is celebrated at harvest in the piazza with music and dance.

Italian Cuisine

Visiting ‘the boot’ wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the quaint charm of the Italian countryside. Cobbled ancient streets snake down to the sound of busy fishermen at lakeside, collecting their fresh bounty for the evening’s entree at the local eateries. Pride in the art of Italian cuisine is seen in the diverse, regional specialties.


Twilight in the Italian hillside villages is a magical, sensory experience filled with the sounds and sights of nature and it’s all there for you with your U.S. Passport. The inviting smells of fresh air and world famous cuisine beckons you in. The wood-fired oven is stoked in the 150-year old eatery with the ‘best pizza in town’. Be sure to get your passport renewal because dinner and a movie at the theater across the street were never so special as things to do in Italy.

Bisentina Island

Italian village life is tantamount to stepping back in history. Exploring the Bisentina Island by boat takes visitors to the dank cave called Malta dei Papi where heretics lived out their life sentences. Small villages, like Montefascione, have a rich history where a famous, white wine stopped a German bishop in his tracks.

Bagni Di Lucca

The spa town of Bagni di Lucca is close in proximity to Tuscany and is renown for its thermal springs, curative for skin diseases and joint problems. Fresh air, cherry trees and almond blossoms, poppies and wildflowers, welcome health-conscious visitors to the outdoor market. Thirty-miles away, skiers enjoy the snow in Abetone.

The Fashion Capital

When you are looking for haute couture or haute cuisine, Italian is the way to go. Milan and Turin have also succeeded as leaders in architectural and industrial design. Milan hosts Europe’s largest design fair. Italian cuisine, notable for its regional diversity, is considered to be the most popular in the world. Espresso, now, the crème de la crème, is highly important in Italian culture.

The Italian lifestyle is rich in historical culture, with a reputation for being the best in many venues but you can’t enjoy without a U.S. Passport. Fashion,food, architecture, the arts or simply enjoying the view are avenues to pursue for things to do in Italy. The wanderlust that entices you to the Old World charm of Italy’s passion for the past will make you feel right at home so get your passport renewal and you can be on your way.

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