Switzerland Is A Melting Pot Of Contemporary Culture

by erin on June 24, 2010

If you want to escape the craziness of your everyday world, may I suggest a trip to Switzerland, a land of beauty and rest? The mixture of citizens from France, Germany and Italy make Switzerland the perfect opportunity for a real European experience. You can’t begin, however, until you have your passport in hand so if your current passport has been damaged or lost, an emergency USA passport replacement is as close as your computer; so locate a passport agency online and get started.

A favorite sport in this area is hiking and attracts many. Beautiful natural scenery abounds and is very diverse so there will be something new for the hiker to view around every corner. The trail along the world’s largest glacier is Aletsch Panoramaweg and has been name a World Heritage Site. The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces provide an opportunity to have a more suburban experience while hiking and is another World Heritage Site. Wineries abound in this area and samples of these delicious wines are waiting for you to try. The Appenzell Alpine Trail with its floral beauty and picturesque landscapes can be compared to no where else in the world.

Skiing is also a popular reason why people visit Switzerland. The Alpine peaks provide an excellent destination for ski-lovers. Tons of resorts dot the mountain landscape, meaning you can choose from a large variety of locations for your trip. The beautiful mountain scenery provides the perfect backdrop for the perfect ski trip. The views make the resorts, hotels, and villages a great place to stay during a vacation.

Food lovers, beware. You may want to diet a bit before you travel but then the hiking and skiing will help you to absorb a few extra pounds of chocolate. Yes, I said chocolate. Switzerland is famous for its wine, cheese and chocolate and the visitor can enjoy one or several of many tours providing the opportunity to taste and purchase these delights. With expedited USA passport renewal services, you can have your passport in no time at all and set out for the chocolate factory.

Places abounding with rich history can be found all over Switzerland whose history is as rich as its panoramic views. Castles are another big attraction with some of the most beautiful being right here in Switzerland. The Steinsberg Castle which sits high upon a hill, the Castle of Chenaux, a fortress made of stone and the Kyburg castle whose museum provides a glimpse into the history and heritage of castle life are all irresistible temptations for the history seeking castle lover. St. John Monastery, named a World Heritage Site, was constructed in the 8th century and is abounding with medieval artwork and masterpieces.

Switzerland really does provide a relaxing and laid-back setting for a vacation. Taking a train is the way to see Switzerland the right way, where you can see its beautiful vistas from the comfort of a plush train car. You can experience all this with the help of a passport. The convenience of online passport services offer emergency pass port replacement, replacements for damaged passports, and expedited American passport renewal, meaning you can get up and on your way to Switzerland faster than you can say Swiss Army Knife.

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