Taking A Close Look At Some Of The Features Found On The Brother MFC 9440CN Printer

by erin on May 31, 2011

Two different types on consumers typically require an all-in-one type of device. Office users and also very advanced home users will appreciate this great machine. This is why this article will be taking a close look at some of the features found on the Brother MFC 9440CN printer with Brother MFC 9440CN Toner. This machine is a good investment.

Laser Printing

For a laser printing machine, the printing speeds offered are really quite good. While twenty-one pages per minute is by no means the fastest speed being sold, it is up there on the list. Most users in homes as well as offices will find this speed more than acceptable for meeting their needs.

Scanning Features

If people are investing money in an all-in-one machine, they are probably going to be scanning some documents every so often. This machine can scan in black and white and also color. The color scans meet relatively high quality standards. The reason why this must be mentioned is because some of the devices suffer in their overall scan quality. This is not the case at all with this one.

Fax Capability

There are plenty of home users who might not want anything to do with a fax capability, yet many all-in-one machines still offer it because it is so important to the average office. A phone line modem is required for faxing and 56k is the fastest one around. This machine is not as expensive as a 56k model simply because it faxes at 36.6kbs. This speed is more than acceptable for common applications.

Factory Included Tray

The holding capacity of the factory-included tray is really not that bad at all. It can hold around three hundred pages of various types. There is an expansion tray that can be purchased and it holds up to five hundred pages of various types. This means that if the expansion tray is added, the machine will hold around eight hundred pages. This leaves plenty of room to work with in the home or in the office.

Broadband Connectivity

There is plenty of connectivity for broadband when it comes to this device’s features. It is important to note that wifi is not built in. Who really cares about this when there are USB and Ethernet slots to choose from? Most users of all-in-one machines are not really in dire need of wireless broadband inclusion. Why would they be when the machine is typically so close to the wall?

Replacement Requirement

Any type of laser printing device is going to require replacement cartridges and the replacements that most retailers carry for this particular model are very special. This is because most retailers are pushing the high capacity cartridges. This cuts costs and is also more efficient.

Consumer Decision

Taking a closer look at the features found on the Brother MFC 9440CN printer is the best way for consumers to decide whether it should be on their wish list or not. There are lot of all-in-one type of devices being sold nowadays, however this one does an acceptable job setting itself apart with its toner usage.

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