Taking A Quick Look At The Dell 3130 Printer

by erin on June 21, 2011

Many offices take advantage of laser printers because they’re economical but capable of yielding documents with professional caliber quality. There are many of them out there today and the Dell 3130 printer is one of them. It has plenty of space for upgrading so that it can meet your varying productivity needs, including a wireless connectivity option.

Printer Appearance

Its stylish black body can complement any existing decorations or pieces of furniture in your workplace. Located on the top panel is a status LCD and a handful of well-laid out buttons for easy operation. It has a 55.7 lb. weight and its body measures 15.8 in x 19.8 in x 18.5 in (width x height x depth).

Speedy Processor

There’s a speedy 400MHz processor within it, enabling it to churn out up to 31 black-and-white and 26 color printouts per minute. But these figures will vary based on a few factors, and it includes the content of the document and the media size. Speaking of which, supported media types are bond, letterhead, coated, recycled, transparencies, pre-punched, card stock, label and envelopes.

Multipurpose Tray

It comes fitted with a 250-sheet drawer and 150-sheet multipurpose tray. But the total paper input may reach up to 950 sheets, thanks to the separately sold input accessories. Unlike other machines, this one already comes with a duplex unit. This means that you may enjoy two-sided printing right away without having to flip the pages.

Printer Languages

While it already comes with a memory amounting to 250MB, it may be upgraded to as high as 1280MB for more storage. Included are printer languages such as HP PCL 6 and 5e with 81 fonts combined, and Adobe PostScript 3 with 136 fonts. A resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch is enough for the machine to churn out professional-looking printouts each time.

Four Cartridges

There are four toner cartridges that come with the printer. The black cartridge is capable of producing up to 4000 pages. On the other hand, the cyan, yellow and magenta cartridges can yield up to 3000 pages each. The manufacturer has set the duty cycle to 70000 pages per month, so it can accommodate even your increased output requirements.

Machine Features

Within this machine are features that make it even easier to maintain. Thanks to the Dell ColorTrack 2.1, you may come up with as many as 50 user or department accounts, letting you set certain perimeters. The result is lowered running cost. On the other hand, the Dell Toner Management allows you to effectively monitor toner levels, even alerting you when a cartridge has been used up completely. It’s even possible to order a replacement online with an Internet hookup.


Installing it to either a single computer or a network of such is a cinch. There are multiple connectivity interfaces around, such as a hi-speed USB, parallel IEEE 1284, and Ethernet 10/100BaseT docks. A separately sold wireless 802.11b/g networking adapter can also be used if you wish to keep your workplace clutter-free. It’s compatible with many different operating systems for hassle-free installation.

Professional Documents

Your everyday documents may sport a professional look without spending a lot, thanks to the laser technology employed by the Dell 3130 printer. From media handling to connectivity options, there is plenty of room for upgrading so this workhorse can keep up with your ever changing demands using toner cartridges.

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