Tel Aviv – A Stimulating Vacation Destination

by erin on March 3, 2011

There is no lack of generic vacation ideas out there. Sometimes an exciting, stimulating vacation experience is exactly what the doctor ordered, and Tel Aviv is a great place to accomplish this goal. Not only is the city itself absolutely amazing to look at, but the amount of culture and history is astounding. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel. If you are thinking of heading here for vacation, you will need a US passport.

Generally the thought of having to get a passport evokes groans of frustration. The process is far from convenient. Having to run around to different places and then wait for months upon months for your passport to arrive seems archaic. Thankfully, however, the process has been streamlined and can now be done completely from your home computer. All sorts of passport services are available to choose from, including helpful ones like US passport renewal.

Most people consider Jerusalem the place to visit while in Israel. While it definitely is an amazing city, it is mostly a governmental city. On the other hand, Tel Aviv is a center for culture. The nightlife in Tel Aviv is so alive, and you will have no trouble finding bars and clubs to visit. In addition to this, there are so many interesting cultural and historical sites as well.

Many would say the one of the best places to visit during your vacation in Tel Aviv is Old Jaffa. This neighborhood in Tel Aviv is very ancient, and it shows signs of being inhabited as far back as 7500 BC. According to some, this is the place where Jonah fled from before being swallowed by the whale. According to Classical mythology, the rocks that protrude from the coast was where Andromeda was tied up for the sea monster before Perseus rescued her. Definitely make a trip to the top of the 130 foot hill, it provides a breathtaking sweeping view of the city.

Another very relevant site to visit is the White City, an entire section of Tel Aviv that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area features the world’s largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings, of which there are 4000 in total. There is a lot of significance behind this area of Tel Aviv. During World War II, German Jews fled from the Nazi regime to Tel Aviv, where they brought this very unique and very recognizable style of German architecture. The buildings themselves are pure white and have clean-cut angles, but they still feel traditional and comfortable.

No trip to Tel Aviv is complete without spending at least a little time at the beach, most of which are absolutely breathtaking. A stroll along the boardwalk is a great way to spend an afternoon or night, as there are plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants to visit.

Don’t expect to be let down when you visit Tel Aviv. A trip to this city covers the entire spectrum of vacation experiences, whether you want to lounge by the beach, surround yourself with culture and history, or spend late nights at the bars and clubs. Start your trip by applying for your US passport today. Doing it all online grants you access to all sorts of services, such as US passport renewal, so your trip can start as soon as possible.

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