The Advantages Of Using The Canon LBP-5200 Printer

by erin on June 8, 2011

The manufacturers of Canon LBP-5200 printer were inspired to produce it by the need to create good machines that would cost the public less money. Their main objective was to come up with an affordable machine that made good prints. When they went on sale, they were offered to the public at half what an ink jet would cost. The user does not have to compromise aspects like speed and cost of operation since they are buying them at cheaper rates. If glossy prints are not an issue a person will enjoy using the machine.


Very few people have found something wrong with the quality of service it offers them. Someone can use it to create full color prints if they wanted to. The machine has the same dimensions as a microwave oven but deeper. In order for it to have a retro look, the designers made sure that the top cover is rounded. They have also thrown in a blue strip in the design to improve on the appearance.

Multifunctional Tray

When a person wants to feed paper into the machine, they have to use the multifunctional tray. The machine does not have an internal tray someone can use instead. There are people who are not into the idea of leaving the top open so as to use the machine. There is the option of using the optional internal tray that goes to the base of the machine.

LED Light

Every time the machine is turned on, the blue LED light on its cover comes on. In case the red LED lights go on at any point, the user should realize that there is a problem with the machine. The USB connectors at the back of the machine can be used to make connections to other devices. Someone can also use the network card to fulfill this need as well.

Machine Engine

Someone can notice that the engine in the machine is the same one used by HP. This happens most of the time since HP makes use of the brand’s engines. When a person is rotating the carousel, they use a button on the top of the machine. There are four slots for the toner cartridges but someone has to place the photo-conductor drum before them.


Anyone can go through the installation process since it is not a complicated procedure. This is the only software that a person is given upon the purchase of the machine. The only feature that a person may miss from the software is duplex.

Machine Noises

When the machine is running, it tends to produce a lot of noises. If a person does not know this, it can be confusing for them. There are people who have often assumed that the noise is an indication that something is wrong. The only reason why they do not take corrective measures is because even with the noise, the machine still makes good prints. The sounds get worse when the machine is rotating the carousel on its own.

Affordable Machine

If someone wants to purchase an affordable machine that offers them satisfactory service, they can look at the Canon LBP-5200 printer with cartridge toner. If a person does not mind the minor inconveniences such as the sounds and the open paper tray, they will find it quite handy. There is the possibility that the manufacturers are looking for a solution to the problems.

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