The All-Around Well-Designed Dell Color Laser 3100cn Printer

by erin on February 18, 2010

The Dell Color Laser 3100cn printer offers any owner the ideal in a color laser printing device.  The sleek black exterior may be pleasant to the eye, but there are some amazing capabilities hidden underneath. Featuring top-notch quality, speed, and professional product using Dell Color Laser 3100cn toner,  there’s no wonder this machine remains at the top of its class.

The first thing anyone looks for in a color printer is the quality of its prints. Well, the 3100cn is no disappointment. It produces crystal-clear color images without the smear or distortion of other printers. Whether it’s a full-color photo or a complex color graph, this machine can handle the job.

Speed and quality are two things that rarely seem to mix. However, this machine seems to have no problem churning out pages at a tremendous speed. There’s no reason to sacrifice a speedy 50-page text document for high photo quality. The 3100cn is easily capable of both demands.

Although it’s not something everyone thinks about, some printers can be a real hassle when it comes to integrating them to a specific operating system. There are no such problems with this machine, however, because it comes fully equipped with Mac, Windows and even Linux compatibility.

It’s nice to see a machine with such advanced technology that it doesn’t take a degree from MIT to figure out. The displays and controls on this printer are easy for anyone to follow. The display is very bright and can be read in low lighting while the buttons surrounding it make it easy to scroll through the functions. It’s especially nice to have an on/off switch that is easily accessible, which unfortunately is not the case with most machines.

Although not often mentioned, what kind of paper trays a printer has is one of its most important aspects. A poorly designed tray can lead to constant paper jams, eventually ruining the machine. This device, however, has brilliantly designed large pull-out trays that are perfect for preventing jams. Not only that, but the settings allow users to feed in all sorts of odd-sized printing paper like envelopes and transparencies.

What is guaranteed to make this printer a long lasting purchase is the expandability available. Many printers offer no such feature and immediately become obsolete and eventually useless. With this device, its possible to constantly upgrade instead of a user having to get a new printer every year. This is especially good for any eco-friendly printer users out there who hate the thought of constantly throwing out these plastic machines.

The appealing aspects of the Dell 3100cn printer are nearly too many to count. It does what it’s supposed to do: it produces high quality color photos without any smearing. Yet, it does so much more. It blasts out clear, crisp black and white prints. It offers simple-to-use controls, displays and paper trays. It’s compatible with just about any operating system and to top it all off, it even allows room for improvement with expandability. It’s hard to think of any list this machine would not be at the top of.

Top of the list includes the Dell Color Laser 3100cn toner.  Quality Dell toner offers an exceptional end product and there are savings to be had when ordering replacement toner online from a reputable seller.

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