The Best Way To Renew A US Passport

by garrett on January 3, 2012

People often have a lot to contend with whenever they travel abroad but this can be more so the case when it comes to trying to get a renew pass port. It’s common for individuals to leave this task until last-minute, usually because most aren’t sure about what they need to do, while others assume that it’s overly time consuming in the scheme of things. Although circumstances can vary, most find that it can be quite simple to have this type of documentation renewed and that it can often be done in several different ways.

New Documentation

Individuals can generally order new documentation by mail while living in certain locations, providing that it is previous passport is undamaged. The person trying to renew one will need to send theirs in with an application or form, which can one can usually find online. Other factors may also be involved, making it important to research any other requirements ahead of time.


Although things can usually vary on one’s location, there is often some form of a time restriction when it comes to getting a new document through the mail. For example, people who reside in America will need to have had their original document issued when they were at least 16 years of age and the same document must not be older than 15 years.

Marriage & Name Change

Individuals who plan on mailing in their forms will need to make sure that their name is the same as on the expired document. Those who have had their name changed since receiving the initial document will generally need to have done so through legal means and have the proper legal documentation to prove it, such as a marriage license and so forth.

Processing Center

You can usually locate the correct address to mail your documents to by looking online. Individuals living in the United States, for instance, generally need to send their items to the National Passport Processing Center, which is in Pennsylvania.


If you find that you don’t meet the requirements to send for your document through the mail, you can also choose to process your paperwork in person. This can be done by filling out the necessary forms such as the Form DS-11. However, it’s important not to sign the document until you’re at the place.

Government ID

Those who want up-to-date documentation will need to bring in a government-issued identification card with a picture, providing they want to process their paperwork in person. Usually, a document that proves an individual is a citizen within a country will also be needed, such as a certificate of birth,along with two photographs that are able to meet certain size requirements. These items can be brought to a number of acceptance facilities or related agencies.

If you happen to need a renew passport quickly due to last-minute arrangements, you might find it helpful to use a service that specializes in this area. These days, a number of people prefer to use professional services that help individuals obtain their documents quickly and affordable, since it can sometimes help to eliminate a lot of the hassle. Some companies may even be able to get the right USA passport paper work within a few days or potentially even within a 24-hour period.

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