The Brother MFC-9420CN Printer Has Many Features

by erin on June 22, 2011

The Brother MFC-9420CN printer has it all and does it all. It is fast, delivers quality output and the cost is reasonable as well. This all-in-one office machine is the ideal choice for the small to medium size office or business. It goes easy on the toner, yet produces crystal clear text output and has many functions.

Function Options

Among it functions, aside from printing, are scanning and faxing. It can scan to email and is friends with most mail programs allowing it to send a message with the scan. The fact that it can fax from a PC gives it a very important edge. Talking of faxing, this machine produces some of the best quality color faxes and scans in the business.

Complicated Actions

There are no complicated actions to perform to get the machine working once it is delivered. Put in the toner cartridge, make sure the machine has paper and plug it into the socket. The process of sliding the machine into the network is automatic and should not be a problem.

Laser Printer

This all-in-one is fast and prints 31 pages a minute black and white or 8 a minute in color. That is fast for a laser printer. It is well worth looking at if you want text printed with speed and quality. It also handles graphics quite well. It does its printing at 2400 x 600. If what you need is a solid fast office machine to do the necessary jobs like printing and faxing, this is one to look at. The fact that it is fast gives it an edge. You can save the cost of outsourcing your printing by getting a good laser all-in-one. It has many fonts and graphics that can be used in printing.

Efficient Workhorse

This three-in-one is a workhorse. It is bulky and heavy. It does its job fast and efficiently. You are bound to be happy with the results it gives in both color and monochrome if you stay away from photos. Text and graphics are no problem. It faxes and copies as well as prints, making it an ideal office helper.

Network Performance

It is at home on a network and performs well there. The modem is 33.6Kbps, which allows it to send its faxes and scans quickly. This model is known for the quality of its color faxing.

Toner Saver

The machine does not waste toner and cartridges can last a long time. Remanufactured cartridges are available when you need toner. They are reasonably priced and freely available.

Paper Tray

The paper tray can be adjusted to take letter size or A4 papers. The holder takes 360 sheets. Some printers in this class take 180 sheets. You can also buy an optional holder taking 530 papers, bringing the capacity to 780.

Print Speed

The Brother MFC-9420CN is a good solid choice as a three in one with use of toner cartridges. Its strong points include its speed of printing and the fact that you may fax from a PC. It faxes very well in color and has a high paper capacity. In its class, it is a perfect choice compared with other similar models.

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