The Canon MF8350cdn Printer And Its Use

by erin on July 5, 2011

Printing, copying, scanning or faxing projects is easy for small businesses that use the Canon MF8350cdn printer. This machine has network ability that allows many computers on one office network to use it. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine too. There is an Ethernet port along with an USB port for network connectivity. This small business printer is about 64 pounds in weight without the four-toner cartridges that are necessarily for proper usage.

Color Options

Printing is fast and clear. Print is produced as fast as 21 pages per minute. The color options are aesthetically appealing and intricate according to the image. Another important printer asset is the ability to utilize the two-sided print option. This encourages the ecologically sound practices of a “green” office.

Print Resolution

When using the color options for printing, the resolution is 2400 x 600 max. This high quality printing can pull paper from two areas of the machine. There is a 250-page paper tray that is used first. An auxiliary tray is used to store 50 more sheets.

Quality Printing

The toner that allows for such high quality printing comes in a four-pack combo. Using all four of these cartridges allows the printer to maximize resolution on all color prints and copies. The black cartridge produces 3,400 copies while the cyan, magenta, and yellow toners each produce 2,900 copies.

Copy Feature

Another important use for this machine is the copy feature. A document feeder is located on it for easy input of material to be copied. There is also an ID copy feature on this Canon that gives the user the capability to copy an ID card efficiently by using only one sheet of paper.

USB Drive

This machine also has the ability to take information off a USB drive and scan it to the machine or other networked computers. By accessing information on the flash drive, particular documents can be printed without a computer. When scanning pictures or PDF documents, the optical resolution is measured at 600 x 600 dpi with an interpolated resolution of 9600 x 9600 dpi. The size of the scanned documents can be either letter size or legal size. By scanning information, a paperless option is given to the office, which in turn helps the environment in today’s society.

Fax Machine

The speed of the fax machine is G3 transmission, which means less time waiting for faxes to be confirmed. Although the speed is impressive, its adaptability may be even more impressive. This fax has the ability to adjust to slower machines when receiving and sending faxes leading to more successful communication between the two machines.

Display Screen

A large and clear LCD display screen gives the small business office the ability to view the history of prints, copies, scans, and faxes. It also has an animated instruction guidance feature to help users when troubleshooting is necessary.

Versatile Machine

This versatile machine is helpful because of the capabilities that it lends to small business offices with toner cartridges. Despite this, one cannot overlook one last positive aspect to the Canon MF8350cdn printer: its Energy Star rating. It is not only providing a more efficient work environment but it is also providing a better global environment.

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