The Canon MF9220Cdn Printer Will Improve Any Small Business

by erin on June 15, 2011

In the event you are looking around at what sort of product would be good to improve your small business, the Canon MF9220Cdn printer is a great option for enhancing your business performance. Many different features will make your day at work easier. Printing, scanning, copying, and faxing with ease are all things this unit is capable of.

Business Productivity

Increasing your business productivity is possible with this machine. Connect all your computers throughout your office to it through your network system. The ability to only print from the only computer that is connected to the printer is over. Fast printing speeds allow it to print twenty-two pages per minute. This is much faster than a lot of other units.

Technology Components

Its advanced technology components make it equal to many top of the line units. A user friendly interface consisting of a three and half inch, color, liquid crystal display, is easy to use. Your employees will become so accustomed to it and so efficient with it that you will save money in labor costs. No more problems with employees standing around and waiting for their prints.

Computer System

Installation of the machine onto your computer system is a breeze. Step by step, the installer walks you through the process. Certain administrative tools in the program will allow you to monitor, and limit, printer usage. This feature can save you time and money, no more unnecessary prints wasting toner and paper.

Excellent Clarity

The toner cartridges are readily available everywhere toner is carried and sold. You will find that their cost is considerably cheaper compared to alternative types. The excellent clarity and detail of its prints, in both black and white, and in color, will impress you. It utilizes only black toner to ensure the boldest blacks. Other units combine the different colors when creating black, leaving the blacks dull in comparison. Your print jobs will appear bold, clear, and professional. Due to the machines low toner usage, you will rarely have to replace them.

Scan Documents

Another wonderful added feature is the two universal serial bus ports. You can scan documents directly from the scanner into a universal serial bus drive. You may have certain sensitive documents that you would like additional copies made onto a portable drive. It can also store the documents into the drive instead of storing them into the scanner. This will keep them from being exposed over your network, accessible by all computers connected.

Passport Protection

Password protection for every function of the machine will make it possible to lock out unauthorized users. Other wonderful features of the machine include superior color copying and two-sided document printing. Copying your items with superior color quality ensures the created items will be identical to the originals. In many cases, the produced document appears of better clarity, and quality, than the original. Two-sided printing will save you money on paper. It will also save time by utilizing both sides of the pages.

Multiple Usages

The Canon MF9220Cdn printer will easily increase the performance of your business. Increasing productivity in every area is a wonderful thing. Enjoy its multiple usage functionality while saving time and money with toner cartridge.

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