The Dell 5310n – Don’t Waste Time On Setup

by garrett on March 6, 2009

The Dell 5310n laser printer works well right out of the box. Mainly for use in small (no more than 10) computer networks or as a really durable home-based business printer, the 5310n can be had at a price well under its current list of about 900 dollars. If you need a high-speed black-and-white laser printer that’s easy to hook up to a computer or a series of networked computers, then the Dell 5310n could be the one for you. Additionally, the ease of use of its cartridge (Dell 5310n toner) is a definite plus.

Printing Speeds.

The laser printer has a rated output of 50 pages per minute, which should be more than adequate for most any application. About 10 seconds will elapse from the time the print job is sent from the computer to when the first page appears, if it’s already warmed up. If it’s just being turned on and started up, it’ll only take about 1 minute, tops, to be up and running.

Ease of Installation.

The Dell 5310n is designed for ease of installation when the time comes to get it hooked up. A CD is included which has all the necessary drivers and applications for upload to the selected computer or network server. Modern Ethernet and USB 2.0 ports are readily at hand, making it even easier to get the printer placed into service.


The 5310n works with Windows-based computers, Macs, or UNIX platforms. It has 128 megabytes of internal memory, making it more than adequate for most any print job. Also, up to 640 megs of external memory can be piled on. It has no problem working well with Vista, XP, 2000, ME and many Mac OS versions, in addition to NT, Linux and Citrix platforms.

Printing Capabilities.

The Dell has an advertised capacity of 250,000 pages per month. The included Dell 5310n laser toner cartridge is good for about 10,000 pages before it has to be replaced. In most small businesses, this is extremely generous, which will help to drive down the per-page printing cost over time. A high-capacity 20,000 page toner cartridge can also be used.

Paper Capacity.

The included paper tray will hold about 500 pages. Up to 2,500 can be stored, if optional additional paper trays are added. This makes this 47-pound laser printer very convenient and economical to use.


Dell 5310n laser toner cartridges are plentiful. 20,000 page versions can be a bit pricey, but the 10,000 page versions are well within the average small business budget. Print quality is excellent, too.


The Dell 5310n laser printer is a durable, versatile and extremely user-friendly piece of hardware. It combines high-speed print capabilities with good graphics quality and easy-install features. Additionally, its versatile network interface ports (USB, Ethernet and Parallel) allow it to easily fit into most networks with little fuss. The Dell 5310n laser toner comes in either 10,000 or 20,000 page variations, and they’re not wildly expensive, which helps keep per-page costs down. All told, this laser printer could be a perfect fit for the up-and-coming small business out to make its mark. For more information, check out our site

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