The Fuji Xerox Phaser 3124 Printer

by adam on February 17, 2010

The new Xerox Phaser 3124 printer with Xerox Phaser 3124 toner is a black and white business class laser printer. It is part of the Xerox Phaser series and offers a fast affordable answer to laser printing. Unlike its bulky brothers it is relatively small and light. The 3124 is comparable to most other black and white laser printers in price, specifications, and abilities.

The price of the Phaser 3124 reasonable compared to others of the class it is in. It ranges from $160 to $200 US Dollars. This price depends on the store that you purchase it in and the area that you live in. Some stores will have lower prices than others. To obtain the best price you will have to price them in your area. It is comparable to other similar black and white laser printers in specifications and less expensive than the majority of them.

The Phaser prints about 25 pages per minute at 1200 dots per inch along with a 15 to 20 second warm up time. It prints the first page in about 9 seconds, which is pretty speedy when you think about it. At 14 by 12 by 10 the Phaser is a small printer and only weighs about 20 pounds.

It can print on legal sized paper or the standard 8.5 by 11 as well as many others. It also has multiple ways to connect with both USB and parallel ports. This gives you the option to connect to older computers that do not have a USB port. The printer has two trays, one single but is not capable of duplex printing.

Its input capacity is about 250 sheets depending on the type of paper. Its output capacity is about 100 pages also depending on the paper. It has a 150 megahertz processor and 8 megs of memory. It also runs cool so there is little fear of it over heating even in a small space.

The Phaser 3124 can print on envelopes, cardstock, labels, and transparencies. It can also handle watermarks, size changes, scaling, and overlays. It is very small and fits easily on a desk or in a smaller office. The Phaser series of printers all have a 4 mouse click easy to install application that works with Vista, 2000, and XP.

With the large input tray it can handle larger print jobs without the need to reload often. The status window tells you if it needs something or what is happening with the print job. Fuji Xerox ink cartridges are said to last for 3000 standard text printed pages. For heavier print jobs this will of course be less. There is a toner saver mode to conserve on cost as well as job cancel and an auto tray selection feature that will help you get the job done right.

The Xerox Phaser 3124 printer is a small reasonably priced printer that can fit into any office, home office, or even with a laptop. It prints a very clear crisp black and white image that can be modified to suit your needs. It has a broad range of print capabilities that can tackle almost any job you might have to put to it. Remember to keep enough xerox toner on hand so you don’t run out.  When purchasing extra toner, you will need to make sure you have the correct kind that will fit this printer.  Make sure to purchase for Xerox Phaser 3124 toner and you will be good to go.

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