The Importance Of Boca Raton Water Damage Companies

by erin on July 5, 2012

Homes in Boca Raton can be exposed to many elements. The weather in Southern Florida allows for both an abundance of rain, hurricanes, and even dry spells. These elements can be hazardous to the home’s wellbeing and can result in much damage whether structural or in the form of water damage inflicted by floods. For this reason it is important to know of water removal emergency service Boca Raton Fl companies. By finding a good Boca Raton water cleanup company and crew you can ultimately protect you home from dangerous mold build up that can not only affect the integrity of the home, but the health of your family as well.

Dangerous Mold

Mold is a dangerous substance that can grow in areas with moisture, like those areas that have been affected by floods. Mold produces spores which are described as microscopic sized cells. These spores spread quickly through the air and water within a building. Once a home is contaminated with mold there is a removal process that must be elicited in order to prevent further contamination. Mold can cause serious problems in a home; it can ruin clothing, paint, and furniture. However the most dangerous side effect of mold is the dangers it produces in regards to the health and well being of those that reside in the home. Mold directly affects the air that you breathe everyday; this is especially true if it gets into the air duct system. There are many health consequences associated with mold.

Health Consequences Of Mold

Some of the health consequences inflicted by mold include asthmas attacks, sinus infections, colds and flues, and allergic reactions. Those who are prone to having mold inflicted issues include infants, children, those individuals who are immune-compromised, pregnant women, the elderly, people with allergies, and those individuals with respiratory problems already. These are just symptoms from regular mold exposure. Toxic mold exposure is even worse.

Mold Removal

The only way to prevent more serious conditions resulting from mold exposure is to get a Boca Raton flood extraction company to come in and provide mold removal services. The first step in mold removal is extracting all water from the premises. Once this is done then the mold and dust particles can be vacuumed. It is important that each room is cleaned separately this will prevent the further spread of mold to other rooms. From there anything that his affected by mold must be cleaned. This involves moistening the mold with water so it is easier to clean. After moistened the contaminated area will be sterilized and the mold will be removed. Even if a surrounding area does not appear to be affected by mold it will be cleaned because often spores can linger.
Southern Florida has harsh weather conditions. These conditions can lead to flood damage and even structure damage. If flood damage does occur be sure to contact a company that features Boca Raton water damage cleanup services. Boca Raton water removal emergency service can ultimately save not only your house but your health as well.

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