The International Fisherman – Grab Your Pole, Pack Your Luggage, And Get Going

by erin on September 12, 2010

Where fishing is concerned, bigger is better and how about considering a bigger fishing adventure than ever before? There is no need to limit yourself to the familiar lakes, oceans and streams when there is a whole world waiting to provide a fishing experience like no other. Consider a country you have never visited and a body of water you have never fished. Besides your favorite lure, you will need a passport to travel to an international destination and US passports are quick and easy to get if you access an online passport company.

Passports are easily obtainable. They have since migrated to the internet, making fast United States passport renewal as easy as a couple of clicks. There are tons of other services that you can access as well, and you never even have to leave your home.

When you think international fishing opportunities, Australia may be the very first place that comes to mind. Being an island of course means it is surrounded by great fishing. Carns, Queensland is one of the premier places if you have never managed to catch that illusive marlin. Considered by many to be the best fishing in the entire world, it takes first place on many fishermen’s must-visit list.

The Christmas Islands are rich with fishing opportunities and are the reason many journey to this Central Pacific fishing area. Bonefish are abundant and many come to catch their fill but you can also lay into a trevally, billfish, tuna or wahoo so be ready and don’t limit yourself. These islands provide the rare opportunity to avoid commercial fishing boats and tourists because the location is remote and secluded which is part of the reason the fishing is so unbelievably good.

Mexico, our southern neighbor, provides a variety of spectacular fishing locations. While you may immediately think of the ocean and the gulf, there are numerous rivers and lakes that offer the angler a great place to wet a line. One such lake is Baccarac Lake, a body of water that is 25 miles long and 5 miles wide and filled with large bass. The record bass caught at this location weighted in at 19.10 pounds. Another great location is Cabo San Lucas where many record breaking fish have been caught.

There are so many exotic places where you can meet some new – and equally strange – fish. One of these spots is in Venezuela, where the Amazon River cuts through the continent of South America. There are bass and other common species in these waters, but there are some not-so-common ones as well, such as the giant catfish and Amazon Pellona.

Some consider fishing a time to relax and take it slow when others see fishing as a challenge to conquer a large water creature. Whether you want to take it easy and look for an adventure, consider an international fishing destination when you plan your next vacation. Additionally, American passports can be obtained quickly and easily online so there will be no reason to limit your destination choices. Fast passport renewal services can be accessed through an online passport company like so go to your home computer and get your passport. Now there is nothing to stop you from fishing those international waters.

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