The Kyocera FS-3750 Printer Is A Miniature Marvel

by erin on December 16, 2009

3750Kyocera is popular for providing functional products with lower owner operating costs. They have done so once again with the Kyocera FS-3750 printer. They specifically designed this one to be easier to use and to operate faster than prior models. They have always been a company known for manufacturing quality products. You can use them at home or the office and know they will be reliable, with the Kyocera FS-3740 toner producing page after page of perfection.

This printer is also small, so it takes up little space in your home or office. You can place it on the desk beside your computer or on a stand of its own. To save you time and money, it needs less maintenance.

They have definitely upgraded the processor in this model. It has a 166 megahertz Power PC and prints up to 18 pages per minute. The speed may change if you have it set to a different resolution. Your first page is usually turned out in 12 seconds or less. When you network this printer you will be pleased with the results. There are several networking options available.

This Kyocera printer also has incredible graphics quality. Details stay clear and focused. They have made use of a ceramic drum, which has been designed to last the life of the machine. No worries about expensive charges to change it. It should last for around 300,000 pages of print. The standard memory it ships with is 16 megabytes. You can optionally upgrade it to 64. Everything you print stays crisp and clean with a 1,200 dpi resolution and the Kyocera FS-3740 toner.

You also will not have to change the Kyocera FS-3740 toner cartridges as often. This helps lower your ownership cost. Each one can print about 20,000 pages.

With a 100 sheet multi-purpose tray and a regular that holds 250 sheets, it is up to your biggest jobs. If you need to do more, you can also upgrade to two more trays that hold 500 sheets each. Another great option is a motorized feeder that can hold up to 2,000 sheets of media. No more standing around, waiting to refill a tray! This can help save a lot of time.

With available options such as a duplex upgrade, collator and document stacker, this is a superb printer. You can customize it to meet all of your printing needs. It you need ready access to forms or logos, you can use flash memory with it. This lets you easily save and retrieve things you need to print regularly. No more having to wait for the machine to scan them, again and again. Using this setting you can even select what output bin you want it to use. It has one in the rear and one on the top. Pick the most convenient one.

This machine is both eco-friendly and inexpensive to operate. Less waste means less strain on our environment. It you purchase the Kyocera FS-3750 printer for home or office use, you will not regret it. It is fast and can save you money. Whatever jobs you need it to do, it is up to the task. Everyone loves electronics that are low-maintenance and cheap.

It will come as no surprise that you can continue saving with the use of Kyocera FS-3740 toner.  No splotches on your printed pages and no scraping paper for reprints when using Kyocera toner.  Replacement toner is easy and inexpensive to obtain online.

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