The Kyocera FS-6900 Printer Is A Powerful Addition To Your Office

by erin on December 16, 2009

Regardless of industry, the Kyocera FS-6900 printer can deliver your printing requirements. It has a powerful processor inside it – a Motorola PowerPC 603e 100. 0 MHz. 25 pages every minute can be spit out by this monochrome laser printer. This is very ideal for meeting high productivity needs in a short amount of time.

It can print on the usual media like plain paper and envelopes. But it can also take on tasks requiring transparencies, labels, stickers and others. Whether printouts of ordinary documents or complex CAD graphics are what you need, it doesn’t matter. Now a single machine can handle all your printing chores. And that’s not all: you also get the benefit of low-cost printing per page.

The specifications of the FS-6900 will tell you why it’s ahead of the game. It has a 600 dpi printing resolution. It is compatible with a variety of networking properties. Because of this, the FS-6900 is guaranteed to keep abreast with networking technological advances. Its stationary form factor emits a minimal noise of 52 dB when in operation. If space is the problem, fret not. It measures 19.0″ L x 13.8″ H x 16. 2″ W. It packs in 80 scalable true type fonts and 80 bitmap fonts.

When an industry grows, of course its equipment need to grow with it to meet changing productivity demands. Unfortunately, upgrading may mean procuring newer office equipment. However, the Kyocera FS-6900 is flexible enough to adjust with your growing needs. There are a variety of accessories and upgrades available for this laser printer. It comes with a 4 MB memory, which can be upgraded to 64 MB. Even the hard disk can be expanded up to 2 GB for storage. For double sided-printing needs, a duplexer may be installed. Even additional paper trays may be attached to the main unit for enhanced performance.

Belonging to Kyocera’s line of ECOSYS printers, the FS-6900 is energy-efficient and produces minimal waste that harms the environment. Kyocera is known and respected worldwide for its contribution to both IT development and environmental preservation. It’s the first company to introduce a next-generation printing system – the cartridge-free system.

Other monochrome laser printers use a cartridge system. This system is costly because when the toner gets used up, you also need to replace the cartridge that houses it. Just imagine how many hundreds of pounds of used cartridges fill up dumpsites all over the world. The cartridge-free system, on the other hand, only necessitates toner refilling.

The secret behind this system is simple yet effective. The toner is separated from the print drum. And it’s not just any other print drum that Kyocera uses. It’s an amorphous silicon print drum that’s guaranteed to last for 3 years. That’s about half a million prints! Now high productivity needs is possible without sacrificing the wellbeing of the environment.

The Kyocera FS-6900 printer is one of the most competitively priced monochrome laser printers in the market today. More than that, it requires very low running cost. What more can you ask for? It has the punch that delivers superb performance, and a heart that cares for the planet.

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