The Kyocera FS-9500DN Toner Crushes It’s Competitor Toners!

by erin on January 12, 2010

TK70The Kyocera FS-9500DN printer is a heavy workload printer with a maximum speed of 50 pages per minute. It is suitable for large departments and workgroups as the Kyocera FS-9500DN toner easily handles large projects, with each page meeting the standard set by the first page.

It is not easy to purchase a printer. You have to decide what you need, and one of those considerations is color, black and white, or both.  Documents can are printed in black and white and color formats, but what does your office need. If your job requires color printing, then you should choose a color printer. An ink color printer is okay. If you want documents in black and white, then you must buy a laser printer.

An ink color printer is very expensive. You need to buy a lot of ink to print pages because the amount of ink used per area is very high. An ink color printer is slow compared to a laser printer. It also uses cartridges that must be refilled.

The advantages of a laser printer are that it is fast, low-priced and reliable. It can be used for printing many items such as invoices, sheets, covers and fax.

The second point to consider when buying a printer is the setting. A color ink printer is suitable for home use where occasional printing is required. You can do your projects in color.

Where frequent printing is required, as in an office, you need to buy a laser printer. This printer can handle frequent jobs like invoice and fax printing.

The third point to consider when buying a printer is the type of installation. The USB printer can be quickly and directly connected to the PC, while a parallel printer requires re-starting the PC after installation.

The fourth point to consider is specialization. If you need color documents that are mass-produced, then you must buy a laser color printer as the long-term cost savings can be significant. The cost of ink per page is expensive. You can cut the cost by producing copies on a color copier. The cost of a laser printer is two or times the cost of a normal printer, but many find it meets both their short and long term needs.  The benefits of a laser color printer are that it is very fast and is capable of producing high quality prints at high speeds.

The fifth point to check is multiple functions. Printers that can be used for many purposes are common nowadays. They are compact and light. Multi-purpose printers are used at home or at work. They come with a fax, scanner and copier. The price is affordable and therefore you save money that you would have used in buying a separate fax machine and copier. The printer also saves space in your office or room.  Although the multi-function printer is economic, the functions of the copier, fax and scanner are not as reliable as separate items.

The sixth point to check is the connection method. A network printer and wireless printer require different methods of connection. A network printer requires cable connection. Network computers are linked to the main printer, which is located in a common room for easy access. Ethernet network connections are popular.  The benefit of a wireless printer is that you do not need cables. If the cost of Ethernet network connections is very high, then choose a wireless connection. Computers in a workstation can be connected to a wireless printer.

No matter how you use this printer, the Kyocera FS-9500DN toner will never let you down.  Clean, crisp printing seems to be a standard with Kyocera toner and helps maintain a low cost-per-page ratio, especially when ordering replacement toner online.

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