The Kyocera KM-2530 Printer Can Do It All For Less

by erin on January 12, 2010

kyocera km-2530The Kyocera KM-2530 printer works well as one of a range of multi-function fax/copier/printer machines offered by this company for a really nice price.  A price that is something sure to be appreciated in today’s struggling economy. It is a black-and-white laser printer using Kyocera KM-2530 toner with a wide range of capabilities that will make it attractive for home office/small office uses.

Print output with this Kyocera is a nice 25 pages per minute of crisp and clear print product. All of this print emerges from its capacious 1,000 sheet capacity.  Such size is something that one hardly sees in a machine designed for the home office or small office and at the price point that the company has positioned this particular printer at.

Print resolution also comes in at a very nice 600 x 600 dots per inch (dpi), meaning anything produced by the printer is going to emerge looking sharp and clear, and with little or no blurriness or smearing on the page. In fact, this particular printer is so capable that it can be used just as a stand alone digital copier, which is also unusual for machine of this price.

Be warned, though, as this machine is no lightweight, coming in at about 174 pounds. Fortunately, it’s made to be placed on a roller cart, though moving it around is still going to be a bit of a chore. However, for all of the capabilities that the KM-2530 returns, it will be worth the small bit of effort needed to keep it wherever it’s needed.

Standard supplied memory comes in at a nice 32 MB of RAM that can be increased upwards all the way to 160 MB. This should be more than enough to handle the most massive print jobs that a machine of this character is designed for. There is an optional PC connectivity, which comes in handy for those who want to print directly from their computer rather than through a network.

The printer handles all common paper sizes, including legal, letter and a range of media types that include labels, transparencies and envelopes. There is also an optional automatic duplexing capability available for those who need such functionality. The machine can copy from text, text and photo, or plain photo, which helps to make it very versatile.

The machine is a network ready installation of an optional print/scan controller. There are a wide variety of options that can be added to this particular Kyocera, which will of course add to the final bottom-line price, but it may be worth it in the long run. When outfitted as such, it becomes an outstanding departmental copier in its own right.

Printer interfaces are standard parallel and serial ports along with several different variations of Ethernet, and the printer takes most standard Windows and Mac OS systems. In all, there is a great deal to recommend the Kyocera KM-2350 printer, not least the fact that it comes in at a very attractive price. This printer should be high on anyone’s list, especially the small business person on a budget.

Cost per use ratio with Kyocera KM-2530 toner continues the value of this printer.  Each sheet is clean and crisp, with Kyocera toner virtually eliminating costly reprints.  You’ll eliminate extra expensive replacement toner when ordering online.

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