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by garrett on February 8, 2012



The ancient Egyptians were a civilization that continues to fascinate us, even in modern times. Cairo, the current capital of Egypt, was the heart of this civilization, even way back then. Founded in 969 C.E., it has evolved into a religious and cultural focal point of Africa and the Middle East. Cairo also happens to be the largest city in Egypt. If you are interested in ancient Egypt and how it is still reflected today, plan a trip to Cairo. The first step towards this vacation is to get your pass port.

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World Heritage Sites

Cairo is famous for being the location of two World Heritage Sites. The first, Coptic Cairo, was once known as Babylon. Babylon has deep roots to very ancient history. It is a site of great significance for religious historians. Babylon is featured in numerous religious texts and cultural stories. Coptic Cairo has five original churches and is the site of the very first mosque in Egypt.

Medieval Sites

Another World Heritage Site in Cairo is, Islamic Cairo. This is the medieval core of Cairo. Those who visit Cairo are witnesses to the most grand and beautiful monuments to Islamic culture in Cairo. Impressive monuments include the Al-Hakim Mosque, the Qalawun complex, Midan Hussein and Sayyidna al-Hussein Mosque. The Syyidna al-Hussein Mosque is one of the most sacred sites in all of Egypt.


If traveling to Egypt, a must see site would have to be the Saqqara Pyramids. This site is an ancient necropolis where the most prominent figures in Egyptian history have been buried. Highlights of these structures include the Step Pyramid of Dioser, the Pyramid of Teti, and the Tomb of Ankhmahor. They are worth visiting because these represent the oldest excavated grounds in Egypt.


Dahshur is another ancient site featuring a few very large pyramids, such as the famous Bent Pyramid, Red Pyramid of Sneferu (considered to be Egypt’s oldest “true” pyramid), and the Black Pyramid. Many consider it to be equal to the pyramids of Giza, and many actually prefer this site simply because it is not as crowded as the Giza site.


Because you’re visiting one of the most ancient and historically rich places in the world, the museum experience is particularly good. One of the best known ones is Egyptian Antiquities Museum. Built in 1902, it contains the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world, over 120,000. There are seven sections in the museum, covering areas of interest such as Tutankhamen’s treasures, monuments of the Old World, sarcophagi, and more.

Cairo is the place to go if you are interested in history, art, religion, anthropology, and so on. Not only was it home to one of the most interesting civilizations in the world, but it also holds vast influence over the world we know today. So grab your U S passport and plan your trip. Remember that online passport services, like United States passport renewal or passport name changes, can make the planning that much easier.

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