The Various Benefits Of Studying Abroad

by erin on February 10, 2011

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t regret something they did in college. There’s a multitude of reasons, from maybe drinking a little too much at one party to not studying harder to not taking a certain class. However, there is one that occurs quite frequently. So many college graduates regret not studying abroad when they had the chance. One of the most important things to do in live is travel and meet all sorts of people and see the different places of the world. Maybe stepping a little beyond your personal, geographic, and social boundaries is important also, and studying abroad can help you do this. Before you go, you will have to get a passport, which is available to do online. You can even get a first time expedited passport online.

Applying for a passport online is so simple and so easy. What makes these sites great is that they specialize in expedited passport service. Services like this ensure that you get your passport by the date you need it instead of waiting for months for it to arrive. This feature is very useful if you are signing up for a last minute travel abroad program at school.

There is no shortage of great reasons to study abroad. Among these reasons are some very practical advantages. Traveling to a foreign country is regarded as the best way to learn a language, and it’s easy to imagine why. You learned English by being immersed and surrounded by it. It’s a similar experience in other countries as well. Plus, learning how to speak Spanish in Madrid is so much cooler than a classroom and index cards.

There is no better time to travel than while in college. The programs are pre-established, and the group you travel with is full of people who think like you and have similar interests. Programs are geared towards actually getting to know a destination, unlike generic tourist groups which haul huge crowds of tourists around to see all the super touristy attractions. College groups are there to get to know the people, the culture, and the destination itself.

Honestly, traveling is just plain fun. Of course you always have the opportunity to travel around your town, your state, even the country. Now think about how much more exciting it would be to travel to a completely different country. One of the great things about studying abroad is the proximity of different cultures and people and places. This means that while you may be technically traveling abroad in Germany, you might spend a weekend in Paris and then another weekend in Brussels. This is the case in many situations, and it definitely gives you more for your money. Another huge plus of studying abroad is simply breaking away from the routines of daily life. Imagine doing homework or reading a book in a cozy cafe in London.

Without a doubt, one of the most important things gained from studying abroad is perspective. The simplest things can change the way you look at life. Getting to know someone who lives a life totally different from – or maybe eerily similar to – yours is a huge eye-opener. Becoming acquainted with a different culture really opens your eyes to understanding your own culture, and this only brings about tolerance, understanding, and unity. The first thing you can do is talk to your academic adviser about study abroad programs. Also look into expedited passport service. Don’t forget that they can help you get your first time passport.

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