The Xerox Phaser 3450 Printer Delivers For Small Workgroups

by erin on February 22, 2010

The Xerox Phaser 3450 printer is a monochrome laser printer using Xerox Phaser 3450 toner that is a great choice for small offices or even for home printing. It fits the bill for being productive and being reasonably priced as well. With this printer, you do not have to sacrifice your output just because you are not a big company or workgroup.

The Phaser 3450 has a 266 MHz processor and 36 MB of RAM standard, which can be expanded up to 160 MB. It can print up to 25 pages per minute and is able to print out the first page in less than 12 seconds. Obviously, these figures will be dependent upon the particular print job, but there is no doubt the speed is respectable on this printer.

It comes standard with one 500 sheet paper tray and one 100 sheet paper tray. There is also a feeder you can opt for that holds an additional 500 sheets. All of this enables you to wait longer before you have to get up to add paper. Feeder and trays can all handle letter-sized paper, legal paper, bond, light card stock and transparencies. The paper trays can also work with labels and envelopes.

If you choose to upgrade to the D or DN model, you will also get automatic two-sided printing. Two-sided printing can be done on letter size paper, legal size, bond or light card stock. The DN model will allow you to connect directly to Ethernet for ease of networking with your workgroup. There are other features that come with this model, for example, the ability to see the printer and job status.

Replacing the printer cartridge is simple and you can opt for the standard or high output version. The standard toner cartridge will print around 5,000 pages, while the high output does about double, or 10,000. Choosing the higher output cartridge will result in a lower cost per page printed.

There are a variety of print quality modes which can also save you money and toner. Choose between the standard mode of 600 dpi and the high quality mode of 1,200 dpi. Or, you can choose the toner saver mode which outputs at 300 dpi. This is a great option when you are testing or proofing documents and you know you are not ready for the final print.

As is standard with Xerox printers, documentation is excellent. The printer is easy to install and begin using right away. Further documentation is available on the website where you can also get technical support. If all else fails, you can always use their telephone support.

Although the printer is not lightweight, it is fairly compact. This makes it relatively simple to move from place to place as needed. If you do not have the networked model, this can be quite convenient.

For larger workgroups, this may not be the best choice printer. There are others that have faster output, for example. But for a smaller workgroup or for home printing, it is a great opportunity to get quality as good as the big guys for a lot less.

This quality comes, of course, from the Xerox Phaser 3450 toner.  This company knows printing and offer Xerox toner of a consistently high quality.  Good toner is what shows up on your page and what your clients see.

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