Tips And Guidelines For Renewing A Passport

by adam on February 25, 2010

The worst feeling in the world when there is an international trip coming up is to look around for the passport and realize that it is going to expire right in the middle of the trip. They are good for 10 years so it is pretty easy to forget about it if there is not a lot of traveling going on. When that day arrives, know that renewing a US passport is not the time consuming or difficult task that it once was.

There are many websites available that will take of all the paperwork for you and expedite the renewing of a passport for a minor fee. This fee will be separate from any government based renewal fees, which are necessary no matter which route is taken and any shipping costs, if applicable. These service providers are located online and their websites detail the range of options for renewal with their assistance.

For those finding the need for a speedy renewal due to a spur of the moment trip or emergency, these websites may be a blessing. They offer a service whereby the passport renewal may be expedited up to and including an overnight service. The other options leave the time frame hovering somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks depending, on if all the paperwork is correct.

All the forms necessary for renewing a USA passport will be found on these websites. It is a simple matter to download and print these out. Once this has been accomplished, they will be needed to be sent in along with any supporting documentation to the agency providing the renewal assistance. The preferred method for shipping any of these documents will be listed on each website and links to the appropriate one for that provider should also be available.

Most services, including the government sites, will tell applicants that they should use a reliable carrier such as UPS to handle the overnight delivery. Don’t worry, they are not getting a kickback by recommending them, it is just that they have guaranteed delivery and cant track the document trough every step. Since these documents are so sensitive, this is money well spent.

The agency will get the process rolling as soon as they receive the package and check to make sure that everything is in order. This is why it is so important to double and triple check and make sure that everything is in there. It is not uncommon for people to miss something and then have to send everything back again. One item that is often on the ‘oops list’ is the passport photos.

Along with the new photos, the old passport must also be sent in along with any documentation supporting informational changes such as name or address. This can be in the form of a court document, such as a marriage license for the name change or a court order stating that this has been obtained legally. These documents must be from the issuing body and not copies, even if they are certified or notarized.

The service is invaluable that these websites offer for updating and renewing your passport. They take all the hassle out of filing the paperwork and getting your new passport back in record time. By going online and doing a brief but detailed search, all of these providers will be brought directly to you for comparison.

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