Traveling To Antarctica

by garrett on February 23, 2012

There are many fantastic places to consider traveling to around the world. These destinations usually include warm, sunny beaches and tropical waters. However, there are many others options people should consider taking a look at. Antarctica is a great option to consider for travelers looking for something outside of the norm. You will be very secluded if you choose to go to Antarctica, as only about 1,000 scientists currently live there. However, it has some of the most breathtaking landscapes anywhere in the world. If you are thinking about traveling overseas you must remember to bring your passport. If your passport is expired you will need to fill out the forms for a passport renewal.


If you are going to be traveling internationally you are going to have to possess a valid United States Passport. These documents allow any American citizen to travel freely throughout the world. Even babies now need passports to travel outside of the country. Thankfully, obtaining a passport renewal application is easier than ever before.


Most people do not know about the tourist attractions that Antarctica has to offer. That is because Antarctica does not have many tourist attractions up and running currently. However, there are unique things to do when you are there. Scientists who are concerned with the conservation of the continent will point out that there are plenty of spectacular sights to see.


There are numerous activities that one can enjoy when visiting Antarctica. Along with the beautiful pure scenery and animal life there is camping, sea kayaking, cross country skiing, ice climbing, and photography, just to name a few.


If you are in Antarctica, you should consider visiting the Antarctica Peninsula. There you can view majestic penguins do their thing. Also, you can take in the stunning scenery in the Ross Sea Region of the continent. There you will see vast expanses of unsoiled, frozen tundra. There are many breathtaking views to be experienced on a vacation to Antarctica.

Lost Islands

If you are in the region you should also see the Sub-Antarctic New Zealand Islands. These are known as the ‘forgotten islands’ of the South Pacific Ocean. They are, actually, some of the last remaining, untouched land on the planet. It is home to some of the rarest forms of plant and animal life found anywhere in the world.

Getting There

There are options when it comes to visiting Antarctica; there are ships that can take you there and to various other arctic destinations. There are also plane rides that will skip the drake passages all together and take you right to the peninsula. This actually saves travel time by about two days. There are very few tour companies that venture to Antarctica, but those that do promise a life-changing experience and care for not only the traveler, but the conservation of the land that is Antarctica.

Taking a vacation to Antarctica would be the adventure of a lifetime. Not many people get the chance to ever see that part of our planet. If you are planning on going down there, you are still going to need a valid U.S. passport. If you need to get a passport renewal, you can hire a passport company to help you before you have to leave. Anyone looking for an interesting trip somewhere unique should consider planning a journey to Antarctica.

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