Types Of Skylight Blinds Available

by garrett on October 11, 2011

Skylight or roof windows offer great views but they can also present a number of challenges. It can be difficult to minimize the heat, glare and noise they bring in. Skylight blinds effectively take care of this problem. They reduce the glare of the sun as well as oppressive heat. They also increase the energy efficiency of a household by cutting down on the need to run cooling appliances to keep lower temperatures. They come in a choice of fabrics that darken a room and those that filter light.


Roof windows pose more of a challenge than standard windows when it comes to getting the size right. Also, these shades will not hang the way they would on a vertical window. They therefore have to be installed using tension or side rails.

Installed Inside

With a standard window that is vertical, exterior sun shades are installed on the outside of the window frame. These kinds of windows open outwards so they do not interfere with the screens. Skylights are made differently. They are commonly hinged in the middle so blinds have to be installed such that they are on the inside of the opening sash so that they can be opened without a problem.

Different Shades

There is a choice of shades. One is blackout blinds, which eliminate all the sunlight and most of the heat and noise. They will usually be made to fit a particular window. They are in a cartridge format and have aluminum side rails and can be moved into any position. Avoid those with plastic rails as they will get discolored and loosen. These are the most common kind of shades for roof windows.

Pleated Blinds

Another kind is pleated blinds. They are made of fabric that is pleated and then attached into a length of wire. They are not long lasting and not popular. Roller blinds are the least expensive. They are simply constructed around a loaded cask with the tension of the cask keeping them tightly positioned in the window. Wooden side pieces are used to hold them in place or clips are used to hold the blind where it should be.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian is another option but they are hard to find. They need to be placed along a wire so that they can open and close. Those with aluminum slats rather than plastic ones are best because of the heat of the sun. Also avoid those that have a pole hanging down for adjusting the angle of the slats. They look very unattractive.


One of the better choices is awnings. These are highly efficient because they stop the sun and other weather elements like rain before they can reach the window. They usually come in black mesh, which absorbs most of the light and heat from the sun. They keep a room dark and cool and protect furnishing from UV rays that make them fade.

Exterior sun blinds are available from small scale manufacturers that you can find on the internet. They are not in big volume like vertical window blinds so they can cost more. They come in various colors but most people favor black and navy.

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