A Few Examples Of Unique Foreign Border Requirements

by erin on June 22, 2010

Often traveling internationally requires certain American passport requirements that are specific to the country that you’re visiting. There are no universal rules that cover entrance or re-entrance into a country, so, if you are traveling, you will have to find out exactly which countries require which items. A few of the more popular travel destinations are included in this article. All of these destinations require a passport in order to gain entrance into the country and re-entrance into the United States, with the exception of Mexico. Mexico, Canada, and other nearby countries allow you to use a passport card as opposed to having to purchase a complete passport.

Specific criteria govern your need for a visa to enter the United Kingdom. The UK has a five-tier system to determine the need to obtain visas. The first tier refers to ‘highly skilled’ workers with scientists being an example. A sponsor is not required in this tier as it is in all others. Tier two is for ‘skilled’ workers like teachers and nurses who have received an offer for employment from a business in the United Kingdom. Tier three affects ‘low-skilled’ workers such as construction employees who are entering the United Kingdoms for a specific project, purpose or due to a shortage. Tier four relates to students and Tier five is for all temporary workers and would also include artists traveling into the UK to perform a concert. As previously stated, a sponsor is required for each tier with the exception of Tier one. Tier four with relates to students requires an educational foundation within the United Kingdom to provide sponsorship where the other tiers requiring sponsorship must provide documentation from the United Kingdom employer.

If traveling to Mexico, you can provide USA passports or passport cards, but only if traveling by foot or by car. Air travel requires a regular passport. Written parental consent is required for all children containing the full names of both parents and the child, the child’s companions on the trip, and a notarized signature of both parents. It must be an original with dates, travel purpose and destinations listed along with the airline. A child must also have proof of parent-child relationship such as a birth certificate. A tourist card which is similar to a visa can be issued only if your visit is for more than 72 hours outside the ‘border zone’ or areas within 30 kilometers of the boarder. Air fare usually includes the cost of these cards.

If you are traveling to France, you will need a visa if staying for more than 90 days. You will also need to be sure there are at least three months left before the expiration of your passport.

We hope we have made the case how vital it is that you research the United States passport requirements for international travel that govern your chosen destination to avoid any problems. Some countries have more regulations than others; but be sure to remember that all air travel requires an official US passport. So many memories are awaiting you so don’t let the variety of rules get you stressed out. It’s really easy to investigate online, make your preparations accordingly and begin you worldwide travel. Bon voyage!

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