Everything You Should Know About United States Passport Application Forms

by erin on May 28, 2010

A passport is a primary source of identification for a citizen while at home or abroad. To obtain this document, a citizen must fill out a United States passport application and produce the required documentation to the government. Without a passport, world travel is impossible, as all customs officials from every corner of the globe require them to be produced before a citizen can pass into the country.

It must be remembered that obtaining a passport is a privilege, not a right. In all cases, the government has the final say in whether a person can or cannot leave or enter the country. These documents are necessary forms of identification that give holders certain rights and privileges. While abroad, a United States passport can give citizens access to an embassy in times of trouble.

The application process has many facets and requires a wealth of information before passports are given out. This can be a tedious process, but is extremely important in aiding the government in tracking the movements of its citizens and world travelers who enter and exit the country. To purchase a passport, first a citizen must go to a American passport office and fill out the necessary paperwork.

Receiving a passport from the government must be done so by personally going to a passport agency. Officials must meet face to face with potential recipients of these documents to authenticate a person’s identity. A person must prove their U.S. citizenship and identity to officials before a passport is issued. Providing the government with proper identification documents is essential to this process.

All passports are made to have the picture of the applicant in two different places on the passport document itself. This makes it harder to forge the documents and also helps guard against criminals and terrorists from doctoring stolen passports. These pictures are taken at the offices during application and citizens are encouraged to wear normal attire for the photograph.

Once the picture is taken and citizenship and identity are proven to government officials, the final step in gaining a passport is payment. Payment for this document can be made by cash, debit or credit card, or by check at the government office. Two fees totaling $120 is the cost of a new passport while renewing one only costs $95. Passports for minors, also, cost less money than adults.

After a passport is sent to a citizen, it is their responsibility to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. International criminals and other nefarious people would love nothing more to obtain a U.S. passport so if one is stolen or lost, the government should be notified immediately. Because of their importance, penalties and fines for replacing lost or stolen passports have been put into place.

A U.S. citizen who wishes to travel the world must first go through the passport application process. A citizen must prove their identity and citizenship along with filling out a American passport form during their visit to a pasport office. All passports must also have a picture and after a payment can be expected to be mailed to one’s home in six to ten weeks from the date of application.

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