Stuck Abroad? Expedited Stolen Passport Replacement Can Get You On Your Way

by erin on July 7, 2010

In order to get an fast stolen pass port replaced, have a copy and two passport sized photo available either with you in hard copies or digital files that can be downloaded. These copies can serve as your identification when you apply at an embassy or consulate for a temporary passport to allow you to complete your journey. The embassy or consulate will have a procedure for replacing lost travel documents, so resist the urge to panic. By using the process, you might be able to get a temporary passport issued.

One obvious step that panicking travelers often forget is to take the time to thoroughly search through their belongings and retrace their steps. It is difficult to search systematically in the grips of panic, so ask a friend to help you. Be sure you have exhausted all possibilities before deciding that the passport has been lost or stolen.

If you determine that your passport is really lost or has been stolen, contact the local authorities and file a report. The copy of this report may help you when you are applying for a replacement and when you are talking to airlines about changing tickets. It is unlikely, but possible, that your passport will be found and turned in. So, it is a good idea if the local authorities know where you are located to return it to you or to call you to pick it up.

Now, you are ready to contact the local representatives of your own government, generally the consulate. Find out their address, telephone and the hours which they are open. They can inform you exactly what you will need to initiate the process of getting a USA passport next day.

If you are out of the country, the best you will probably be able to apply for is an emergency replacement passport. An emergency replacement is a document that functions like a temporary passport to allow you to travel on short notice or provide documentation for you to get home from a trip. Then, you can apply for a replacement passport through the regular channels.

It is a good precaution to scan your passport and upload it to a server that you can log into while you are traveling. An example of this would be emailing the scanned pages to yourself. Then you have access to the copies of your passport without having to carry them with you and risk losing the copies. It is a good idea to carry some extra passport sized photos with you if you are planning to visit a part of the world that they are not easily available.

Passport photos are two inches by two inches and have to be recent, taken within the past six months. You are not allowed to wear sunglasses or a hat or anything that obscures your face. The photos must have a white or off white background. Having these available can expedite your procurement of an emergency replacement passport.

Using these steps many assist you in getting an overnight lost passport replaced in time to get to your flight. Once you have returned to your home country, you can follow the regular procedure to apply for a replacement. There are some companies that specialize in American passport urgent that may be available if you require additional assistance.

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