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by garrett on October 31, 2011

Hip Hop Music originated when a group of the pioneers who practiced it lived . It was characterized by rhyming of words, drawings with deep meanings as well as urban modified styles. Major followers of this genre were black community and some were Hispanic. WorldStarHipHop has lots of information about hip hop.

The group was entirely identified with creative variations of what was slowly budding into a way of life. The society was renowned majorly by Tagging, rapping, and break dance. These formed the basis of major base of competitions and battles. However, one man, Afrika Bambaataa noticed that despite the violence that characterized these sessions, unexploited talents were going into waste.

With all these duly noted he therefore founded a group. Its major responsibility was to publicize the talents and show cases them to the rest. The response was remarkable. Investors soon noticed that they stood likelihood of big profits. This formed an opportunity where most talented African Americans and the Hispanics in this genre lived to create a formal mode of making an income out of it.

Many disc jockeys popularized the talent of these talented persons skill to blend different tunes that had similar beats or beat-rates into a distinct sole harmony. This became a major element renowned by the composition. When musicians performed on stage, the disc jockeys mixed and sampled their song in the background. Mixing a number from one record with vocals from another brought forth the Sampling technique. This elicited very positive reactions. Hip hop DJ’s need Ableton live.

The insurrection of rap came along when disc jockeys made musical beats during these sessions of competitions and a second person performed a rhythmical pattern of words that matched the beats. A lot of untapped and unknown new players rose along process.

Every gang that went on stage in rap battle competitions was there to prove proficiency in the norm. It was a common scene to see each city battle others for domination. Talk of which side that produced the best rappers was endless. The venture soon became a great business idea making it among the fastest growing industries at the time.

Nonetheless not all went on well with all the interest it got. It was viewed as being xenophobic, sexually unambiguous, and violent and was always related with the abuse of drugs. Some of the videos produced showed vulgar messages with humiliating racial comments that did not go well with most people. Many were arrested on regular basis on drug and violence charges in courts of law. Many thought that since it was majorly vulgar, it could not be played in an open audience. The possibility of censoring most of them came out.

Hip Hop Music has affected many people economically, both directly and indirectly. The millions of dollars that the record companies sell all over the world give them a lot of income. Governments also gain revenue on the performing artistes. The industry has employed many persons who work under these artistes and several record labels that have come to market it. Another major beneficiary is the Clothing Company. Most famous artistes have either endorsed several fashion elements or have invented their own styles. This has influenced several dressing styles by a set of generation. Hip hop producers and DJ’s will need Ableton live. Be sure to check out WorldStarHipHop for all your hip hop news.

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