Useful Information About The Canon LBP-5360 Printer

by erin on June 13, 2011

Printers have become a necessity in most working environments and are used very widely in homes as well. Choosing a printer can be difficult without knowledge of how the types differ because there are so many options available. The most popular types are probably inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet printers have been used more frequently in the past but these days, laser printers such as the Canon LBP-5360 printer are being used more often.

Inkjet Printers

The main reason that inkjet printers have enjoyed greater popularity has been that they tend to cost less. Laser printers, however, are gradually becoming more affordable as new technology develops. The differences that previously made set two types are becoming far less pronounced as far as the end result is concerned. This is why the choice of a buyer boils down largely to budget and the intended purpose.

Laser Printer

In laser printers, ink is not sprayed onto the paper in the same way as inkjet printers. Rather, they use a dry, powdered type of ink referred to as toner. Toner carries an electrical charge and clings to a drum to create the desired image. This works by means of a laser that changes the charge of the drum in the regions where the ink needs to be. When the drum is rolled through the toner, the particles are attracted to the print area and are then transferred in that formation onto paper. The cartridges need replacing when empty, just like in other printers, but they tend to last longer.

Color Images

Previously, photos and other high quality color images were not as impressive when using laser printers. The quality has greatly improved and now, both color and black and white prints of very high quality are easily achieved. There is also paper that is made specifically for laser photo printing, which improves the outcomes even further.

Accurate Prints

These printers produce accurate prints at high speeds. They are durable, economical and very reliable. They are also usually capable of very high resolutions and produce very good quality results.

Printing Tasks

A large array of printing tasks can be achieved with laser printers. They are efficient whether the task requires mostly text or more detailed images for use on things like menus, postcards or promotional pamphlets. Small offices or even larger work groups are ideal situations for using this type of printing. Large volumes of printing are not a problem, and the end product is clear and looks very professional.


These printers also have the advantage of being able to replicate all kinds of images or fonts. Even if there is a mixture of text and graphics, the quality remains high. Smudging is unlikely because the ink is not being sprayed. This makes printing less messy and means there is also no need to wait for the paper to dry. Prints are crisp and bright.


With this type of printing, the cost works out less per page, making laser printers like the Canon LBP-5360 printer very economical with its use of toner ink cartridge. The have the ability not only to print rapidly but also quietly. They are efficient even when there is a large volume of printing and many different types of print. This makes laser printers very worthwhile in an office environment.

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