Veterans Have Difficulty Getting Addiction Treatment

by AdamS on September 10, 2012

A common problem associated with military veterans is that they often have a tough time adjusting to civilian life following their time of enlistment.  Veterans are often unprepared to deal with life outside of the military because they get accustomed to being in combat.  When some soldiers return home from duty they develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and often get addicted to alcohol or painkillers to cope with their stress.  Pain killer addiction is a serious problem plaguing veterans and they often have difficulty finding treatment at prescription drug addiction centers due to shortages in counselors and space at Veterans Affairs hospitals.   This problem has actually increased over the last ten years and is now more prevalent than ever before.  With more and more military veterans suffering from substance abuse problems, changes need to be made to health care plans for military problems to include better coverage for addiction treatment.

Poor State of Economy Affecting Veterans

Veterans returning from duty in the past ten years have had to deal with looking for work in a down economy.  During the great recession it has become harder for everyone, including veterans to find prosperous positions in the workplace.  Most veterans will either have to use the G.I bill to pursue a college degree or get a starting salary at a company that will hire them without a bachelors degree.  Whether they decide to go to school or take a job straight out of service, it can be a huge adjustment for them.  Due to the lifestyle some had in the military they can struggle to transition into a desk job or going to class full time.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Experiencing combat and spending several years overseas away from their families can be very traumatic for many military veterans.  When they finally go into active retirement and try to get back into the swing of civilian life they can develop severe depression.  PTSD affects many veterans who have served in the War On Terror and makes it difficult for them to make the transition into civilian life.  For some veterans, the only way they know how to cope with the stress is to self medicate with alcohol and prescription drugs.  It can be very difficult for these individuals to get the dual diagnosis treatment that they need for their substance abuse problem as well as the PTSD symptoms they are suffering from.

Veterans returning from duty overseas are experiencing more and more difficulties adjusting to life outside of the service.  The recession is making it difficult for many veterans to find jobs that provide the financial  security they need for their families. On top of that stress, some are dealing with symptoms of PTSD and turning to alcohol and prescription drugs to deal with their issues.  Pain killer addiction is  one of the biggest problems facing veterans today.  Most veterans who need treatment at prescription drug addiction centers will find it difficult to get the help they need.  Check out for more information on pain killer addiction.

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