From Its Vivacious Nightlife To Its Gorgeous Black Sea Shorelines, The Ukraine Really Has It All

by erin on July 12, 2010

There is a country across the globe awaiting your visit that can provide adventure, beauty and an incredibly warm welcome unlike any other you can experience. That country is the Ukraine and if you begin to investigate the treasures in experience this country has to offer, you will want to quickly get your passport and begin planning your visit. There is no better place to quickly and securely get your passport than With their state-of-the-art security and efficient processing, you will be able to get your passport quickly and easily.

The terrain of the Ukraine is extremely diverse so whatever type of scenery suites you best, you can find it in the Ukraine. Forest comprises about 15% of this country offering a variety of plants that have been discovered to be successfully used in the treatment of many physical conditions. Seldom seen wildlife and a beautiful array of flowers complete the visitor’s Ukrainian forest adventure. In contrast, beautiful expansive meadows populate the Ukraine providing picnic opportunities or long relaxing strolls. The Carpathian and Orimean mountain ranges complete the vast range of nature’s visual opportunities and adventure.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is a very special place that completely wraps visitors in the Ukrainian state of mind. World famous cathedrals and monuments provide days and days of exploration and discovery. The Holy Dormition Cathedral of Kiev, the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral, and St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral are only a few of the beautiful churches that populate the city, and each is definitely worth a visit.

One of the neatest things about Ukraine is its very unique culture. Learning and experiencing some of the unique cultural norms is half the fun when traveling to Ukraine. As a part of their culture Ukrainians are extremely hospitable. Gifts, toasts, and huge meals are customary for any visitor. Even the families who don’t have much provide guests of all types with a warm welcome and unmatched hospitality. If you are invited to a home, a small gift is customary. This could be some flowers (make sure it’s an odd number!), a bottle of wine, or a cake. It’s regarded as bad luck to shake hands across a door threshold; shoes are always taken off upon entering a home, and never turn down an offering of food or drink. These are just a few of the customs that make Ukraine unique.

The cuisine of Ukraine provides a wonderful experience to sample foods that are unique in both they type and their preparation. One of the most popular Ukrainian dishes is Borscht which is presented in a variety of forms. Borscht is a soup that is usually presented with a red color but a variety of alternative presentations can be expected. Alcohol is another very important part of Ukrainian life and culture perhaps because the culture of this country lends itself to celebration and toasts during even regular, everyday meals but certainly when guests are present.

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A visit to the Ukraine will present the visitor with a warm, friendly reception unlike any other. It is an experience you don’t want to miss so be sure to go to your computer and check out for all your passport needs. You see, children’s passport as well as adults are quickly and safely purchased through this company. Let them do the work so you will have more time planning your exciting, unforgettable trip to the Ukraine.

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