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by on April 26, 2008

It has been seen that many web sites are trying to portray themselves as if they were a TV network. They try to put top-notch graphics and sound into their web page. What these companies miss out is that their visitors are not watching TV.

For those with high speed internet connections, this really works. Most of the people who look at websites can only see a site on a screen that is 15 to 19 inches wide, and can only see 216 colors. 28.8 is the usual speed that a page can load. If you are a web design professional, you should keep a design checklist that will list all of the elements of successful websites. These elements include visual appeal, content, speed, layout, readability, and ease of navigation.

When you web design certain things should be followed. Always make sure you are on a 28.8 connection type in the URL for your web page, hit enter, and hold your breath. If you required gasping for air before the page was fully down loaded you really need to cut down on the size of the page. When you web design, the web page should be no larger then 50K. If possible try to shoot for less than 30K. It is seen that the number one visited web site home page is fewer than 21k.

While doing a web design normally you should restrict your image size to 4k, but you can go up to 6k. Remember smaller is better. The number of colors used should be kept in mind as there are only 216 colors available on the color pallet. The use of solid colors should be practiced when designing the image.

You should make sure that you are designing more and use fewer graphics. You need a webpage to look good and load quickly. Use color arraignments rather than jpg pictures and graphics to make the page look good. Borders made of cell colors are also a good idea. When web designing, less can sometimes be more, and content is just as important as content that is not there.

Imagine somebody is visiting your web page. Will that extra graphic close the sale or turn the visitor into a permanent customer? If so, then you should certainyl keep it. Visitors do not like to wait any longer than necessary. The web ought to make things easier for people, and not keep them waiting for heavy web pages to download. Web site design los angeles offers a range of services including web site design, e-commerce development, database programming, online marketing, email marketing, and search enging optimization.

Professional designers who do web site design have a design checklist of elements that make up those in the category of good websites. They are visual appeal, content, speed, graphics and layout, readability and navigation. When you are undertaking web design, you should follow certain conventions. Make sure that your connection is at least 28.8. Then, type in the web page URL, hit enter, and hold your breath. If you need to breathe again before the page has finished loading, then you have too much on the page and should consider cutting the size of the page down a bit.

– jason ciment

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