Website Builder: Now Anyone Can Create A Web Page

by on April 13, 2008

Looking at a beautifully designed web page that are crowding cyberspace can cause some people to look in amazement. They think that only a web expert can turn an idea into a web page viewable by millions. Just a few years ago, when the era of the internet began, this was the case, because there were only a few rudimentary programs for writing a single web page. Web site builders weren’t even an idea at that point.

The web has become much more complex and yet much simpler to navigate because of all the advances and options. Designing a basic web page can be quite effortless because most text pages can save directly to HTML. HTML is the most common format for web site pages. With website builder programs even a novice can create a complete website and cross it off their list of things to do quite quickly.

With a website builder, you’ll suddenly be capable of all kinds of website design techniques that you never dreamed of. Website builders cater to all types of people from business professionals to hobbyists. They come in a full range of features, from basic (and practically free) to fully loaded packages. A web sit builder can be sold as a package or sold for a monthly or annual membership fee.

For example, a website builder can instantly create your on-line store and have an integrated shopping cart software. It can organize your pictures in galleries and provide the automatic creation of thumbnails, or generate forms so visitors can fill in information to be e-mailed to you automatically. Other function that can be present are creation and management of forums, mailing lists, coupons, guest books, contact pages, password protection, polling booths, and so on.

Programs available to help individuals build websites allow you to customize your site but also give you the option of using one of their many templates for the page or the entire site. When you take advantage of these site templates, it gives a feeling of uniformity throughout every page. Users generally like this look and it is also easy to create or change.

Website builder programs are great because they don’t give site designers any more details than they are up to dealing with. You can choose to ignore html, css, and such, which you don’t need to cope with for your purposes. Instead, you can put all your time and effort into being creative and posting good material on your site.

Many people suppose that only experts can produce web sites. At first, before the web site builder was born, that was exactly true. Nowadays, creating a simple web page is an effortless task, because there are several text editors that can directly save in HTML. Moreover, thanks to website builder programs even a whole professional looking web site can be created by the proverbial layman with just few clicks of the mouse. For example, an online store with shopping cart software, organize all of your pictures into galleries with thumbnails, or create forms to be filled in by visitors to received automated e-mails.

– Tem Balanco

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