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by on April 5, 2008

Google Page Creator is a service from Google that allows users to create and publish their own attractive web pages, quickly and easily by using a free, easy to use and browser-based tool. Google Page Creator is very helpful for website creators who are non-technical and not familiar to web site creation, to easily set up their websites in What You See Is What You See rich text editor mode, just like creating a document in Microsoft Word. If you would like more control over your web pages, you can edit the page in HTML mode too.

After you have edited the page, you can publish it to the Internet with one simple click. Every user gets a free 100 MB of web hosting and storage space. Google Page Creator’s Page Editor features an easy interface that inserts the user’s Google user name as the headline on the home page automatically- It is necessary to have Google Account in order to utilize the tool. Functional buttons across the top of the work page include “Back to Page Manager,” “Publish,” “Preview,” “Save,” “Redo,” “Undo,” “Change Look,” and “Change Layout”.

Controls along the left side provide functions for inserting an image, inserting a web link, fonts, paragraphs, headings, subheading, “minor” headings, and editing the Web page html itself. Beside, Google Page Creator has Auto-Save feature to minimize changes of accidental loss.

With Page Manager not only can you browse your web pages, but your uploaded stuff too. Create however many pages you desire, and upload just as much, as long as these things are within the space limit. When dealing with uploaded images, a thumbnail is automatically created. You can easily change your page layout with a simple click on the Change Layout button. It’ll direct you to available layouts. Within each of these layouts, dashed rectangles show you which parts of a page can be edited as a website creator.

The Change Look button will enable you to change the way the page looks. The link will show you to the various ways to customize the look of the page. As of now, no ads are on user pages. Even though the service is still in Google labs, the web pages do save and are published correctly. Sometimes Google Website Creator also mimics features retrieved from other sites.

Despite the fact that you may be using HTML editor to create and edit your web page, when saved it may have some of the HTML elements removed. This is the significant downside to Google Page Creator.

By using Google Page website creator, you will be able to create and publish your own attractive web pages. Not only is it quick and easy, but it’s also a free browser based tool. You must have a Google account to use the page editor. With rich text editor mode, what you see is exactly what you get, just like creating a Microsoft Word document. Along with all of the these options, you’ll also be able to edit the page in HTML mode as well. A single click can publish your page when you are done editing it. Each account comes with 100MB of free web space and storage.

– Tem Balanco

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