Website Hosting Is Not That Difficult

by on June 20, 2008

Inexperienced web site builders trying to put their site up on the Internet often get confused by the process of website hosting, even though the procedure is very simple. As long as you have some key rudimentary knowledge, it’s easy to get your site up and running on the Internet.

The basic step is to know what the IP location is. Ordinarily, PCs are hooked up at once in the same place that we refer to as LAN which stands for Local Area Network. WAN(Wide Area Network) connects multitude of LANs. To put it simply, widespread and numerous set of connections of WANs is the Internet.

As with every other network, things on the web should have their own identity. This is accomplished with an IP address which consists of four sets of numbers ranging from 1-255. The sets of numbers are then separated by periods – for example This type of numbering system allows us approximately 4.2 billion different identities.

Website hosting companies have their own collection of IP addresses. When you sign up for your hosting plan, you will be given an IP address from the company’s collection. You will then note that the IP address that you have received matches your individual public hosting area, which is more commonly known as your domain.

Within this framework, someone entering your IP address will be directed immediately to your domain itself. If your IP address is, for example, and you copy and paste the number into a browser, you will arrive at this particular web site.

When you do website hosting in order to cut costs, budget hosting companies very often allocate single IP addresses across numerous customers. Whilst this possibly will provide a more reasonable option, it should be kept in mind that spam filters and black lists utilize IP addresses to spot offenders. For that reason, distributing an IP address with other websites might result in a guiltless website being punished, blacklisted or blocked alongside the offending website. In order to avoid that while web hosting always ensure that the hosting provider always gives you your own devoted IP address.

Though not difficult, website hosting requires some basic knowledge. Understanding how the IP addresses work is an important first step any website builder should undertake. Four sets of concatenated numbers (separated by periods) ranging from 1-255 make it possible to have a total of 4.2 billion distinct web addresses, each of which, when typed into a browser’s address area, points to a unique domain (an individual web hosting area). Multiple customers sharing a single IP address is a popular method of cutting website expenses. However, because spam filters and blacklists target offenders via IP addresses, it is better to insist on your own unique IP address from the hosting provider.

– Tem Balanco

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