What Can The Xerox Phaser Color 6180 Printer Do For Your Business?

by erin on February 20, 2010

Do you own a business? Are you wondering what kind of printer is great for small businesses? There are many different printers on the market today that a small business may want to purchase.  In order to make sure your business is working with the best tools it can possibly utilize, you should incorporate products that have many useful capabilities. One great product you can buy, if you want to greatly increase your company’s ability to handle a diverse list of projects, is certainly a Xerox Phaser Color 6180 printer using Xerox Phaser Color 6180 toner.

If you incorporate this product into your company’s operations, you can be sure your business will be able to handle a more diverse list of projects. Not only can your company handle more projects by using this printer, but you will also be able to present your business in a more professional manner by using the capabilities this printer offers to small businesses. This product comes with a variety of features that many small businesses would certainly find useful under all types of circumstances.

One of the nicest features this printer includes is the ability to print your pages at up to thirty one pages per minute. If you are only printing your pages in a monochrome color, you can print at this high speed. That is truly a tremendous speed for business applications too. Even your largest projects will only take a few minutes to print altogether at this pace.

If you want to print in color, you will still be able to print your documents quickly with this machine. The print resolution is also set at 600 dpi, a resolution that is certainly sufficient for most office applications. The best part about this printer is the fact that you can print all of your documents, even your images, very quickly.

There are many other features that make this particular printer a fairly decent buy though. The amount of different printing options you can have with this printer makes it a very valuable resource to keep around an office setting. Whether you want to print your documents onto glossy paper, or you just want to print your documents onto standard paper types, you can print all of your documents using this machine.

By using a printer capable of printing on multiple paper types, you will find that your printing machine provides the ultimate level of convenience for your operations easier. Even if you want to print information onto envelopes, this printer can help you with that task. You can even print labels using this product.

This printer is also a fairly decent mass printing machine. When you have this printer in your office, you can print up to 60,000 pages per month. That is a very large amount of prints that even the busiest offices will have a difficult time reaching. Not only does this printer let you print a large amount of documents every single month, but you can also print a large amount of documents in one sitting due to the extra large paper tray that can hold up to 950 pieces of paper.

Overall, the Xerox Phaser Color 6180 printer is a very good all around printer. This is a perfect addition to any business with small to medium sized operations. When you have this printer in your workspace, you can print large quantities of documents onto many different types of paper very quickly.

The Xerox Phaser Color 6180 toner will perform no matter the media in the exceptional manner one would expect of Xerox toner.  Replacing toner online offers the ability to save substantial amounts on this consumable.

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