What Everyone Should Know About The Brother HL-2700 Printer

by erin on June 7, 2011

For every type of printing job, there is a machine that is up to the task. Whether it is a large office with a high volume output or a small shop producing just few copies, the equipment must be able to complete the job as intended. Joining the collection of available hardware is the Brother HL-2700 printer.

Important Features

The model name HL-2700CN signifies two important features. The letter C means it is able to produce color copy and the N suffix shows its networking background. These two features put this hardware into a serious class full of serious contenders.

Space Accommodation

This machine requires a large amount of space to accommodate its considerable width, depth and height of 18.9 inches by 16.4 inches and 15.2 inches (480 x 420 x 385mm). It is not something that can be balanced on the corner of an office desk, especially when taking into account its weight of almost 70 pounds (31.5kg). A dedicated strong table will be needed to hold this unit. Add an optional duplex unit plus the toner cartridges and the weight goes up to 94 pounds (42.7kg).

Toner Cartridge

A set of four toner cartridges can be found inside the machine. As present in many similar devices, the colors are black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The set allows a user to create colorful charts, images and graphs. The supplied toner cartridges are a starter pack with a reduced capacity compared to the standard cartridge. Nonetheless, the starter cartridges are still capable of producing a respectable 5,000 monochrome pages and 3,000 pages in each of the other three colors. Output from the replacement consumables is double those figures.

Power Cable

The only cable supplied with the unit is a power cable. For the majority of users this is not an issue because proper cabling will already be in place in the office. To connect the HL-2700 to a computer or network, one of three options can be selected. The most common connection for this type of equipment is the network or LAN interface. With this option, all the users will be connected so they can produce their own documents.

Desktop Connection

A second option is to connect directly from the desktop computer to the printer through a USB cable. This is a very quick plug and play connection useful for creating personal document. The final option is to connect a small network of a few PCs through the high speed, bi-directional parallel port.

Product Rates

Productivity rates will be maintained due to the high-speed processor with toner. This allows the machine to push out 31 monochrome pages per minute. For color, a decent speed of eight pages per minute is attained. These speeds should be good enough for most users.

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