What Makes The Canon LBP5200 Printer So Popular

by erin on June 22, 2011

Canon has always been the market leader when it comes to printer machines. The Canon LBP5200 printer has been considered as one of the best models in the market for a very long period of time. In the market of printers where all the others companies are slashing their prices, this is one company which still maintains its high price and the reason behind this is the constant demand for it. The reason behind such constant demand is its various features and its toner quality. A printer can only provide you with crystal clear letter if the quality of the toner is good. In this model, you will be provided with the best toner providing 10000 PCS every month and it adheres to the standard of ISO 9001 with a warranty period of 18 months.

Printed Documents

With this model, you will not only get normal printed documents but you will also receive images of photographic items. If you want to have clear, high clarity printed documents, this is the perfect machine for you. Do not compromise on quality with low price. With this model of Canon, you will get all the features you are looking for.

Print Criteria

If your criteria include getting a glossy print, this is not the machine for you. Other than the glossy prints, you can use this machine for any other form of prints. With this machine, you will get proper running costs with high speed of printing.

Feature Variety

Canon LBP5200 comes with a huge variety of features and perfect color output. This machine is also considered to be one of the most compact machines. This model is not very large in size. It is as small as a kitchen microwave insuring that this printer won’t consume too much space. This machine looks very attractive and imparts a retro look as it has a round top and also a highlighting effect as it has a blue strip in the middle of the machine.

Paper Tray

The paper tray in this model is located at the top of the machine. You don’t have to keep the tray open all day long in order to work with it. In other printers, the paper tray is located on the front and you have to keep the tray open all the time, giving it an awkward look. This model will offer you an internal tray of 250 sheets.

Installation Process

The installation process of the driver is very easy so almost anybody can install the driver without difficulty. With its driver, you will get to use all of its software and features.

Best Brand

Canon has always been considered the best brand when it comes to printer engines. Canon engines are used by HP in their color laser jet 2820 model and here, in this model LBP5200, the same engine is used. You can completely rely on the printer engines.

Product Market

Like the other printers in the market, this particular model, Canon LBP5200 printer, has an unusual sound once it starts printing with its toner cartridge. Don’t get worried by the sound as this sound signifies that in a few seconds, you are going to receive high quality prints with a professional look.

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