What To Do If You Need A Passport Name Change

by garrett on October 11, 2011

Marriage or court approved changes would cause you to apply for a passport name change. This document has got to be accurate when you plan on traveling abroad or even to reenter the country if you have been traveling. You will be required to keep this document accurate.

Passport Corrections

You are responsible for ensuring that all the data in your book is correct. When you receive it with incorrect information, you would need to apply for changes within a timely manner. If you have plans for travel, this should be corrected beforehand, in order that your plans not be delayed.

Documents Needed

When you have gone to court to have your name legally changed, you will also want to change your passport. Regardless of the reason for a change, it needs to be reflected in your book. And as you begin the process, you will be required to have several other documents, as well.

Form DS-5504

Choosing the correct application form is essential. There are several but the one necessary for this purpose is the DS-5504. This will allow you to make changes for marriage, court authorized or incorrect information.

Marriage Certificate

In addition to the application, you are going to have to provide a copy of the marriage certificate or the court authorized paperwork stating the changes that were made. These documents will be proof that the changes were made legally. They also explain the purpose for the application.

New Photo

A new photo might be required, depending on the age of the passport. If so, it would need to be current, one that has been taken within the past six months. If you are going to provide one that you have taken, be sure you are up to date on regulations. They will not be accepted if they are not the right size or if they have the wrong background color.


A new application can be made within a year of the most current book with no renewal fee. If you choose to have your application expedited, you could receive it faster. Since this would be your option, an expediting fee would be charged.

Form DS-82

For changes that would be longer than a year, the same documents would be required except for the application form. For this, you would need to use a DS-82 application. This is considered a renewal so it would entail paying the renewal fee, as well. Photos will be sent in with the documentation.

Form DS-11

There are changes that need to be made for reasons other than marriage or through the courts. When you are requesting an application for this purpose,you would want a DS-11. Paperwork for this application would also include at least three documents providing birthplace and date, showing that this name was used exclusively for at least five years.

Choosing to have expedited US passport name change is not complicated as long as you have all of the correct documents and use the proper application. You also need to include the applicable fees. When you send your documents in and are sure your old book is included, be sure the packaging provides adequate protection.

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