What To Do To Receive A Replacement Passport USA

by erin on February 15, 2011

A Replacement Passport USA may be needed in several circumstances. A name change, loss or theft, or expiration are all conditions that could make this necessary. Name changes could be the result of divorce, a personal decision or marriage. People commonly misplace their passports while traveling or while at home. Another reason this might be necessary is that a passport expires. When kids turn 16, they are considered adults for passport purposes. Adult passports expire every 10 years and kids’ passports expire every five years. No matter which factor plays a part, getting one replaced is not a difficult task. It is made even easier if the person has a valid passport in his or her possession. Finding forms online and sending them through the mail is one way to do this. It is also possible to get expedited delivery.

When a name change has happened, form DS-5504 needs to be filled out. DS-5504 is only meant for people whose current passport was issued within the previous year. One that is more than a year old needs to be replaced by using form DS-82. Passports being replaced as a result of a name change can be obtained through the mail. Name change paperwork needs to be attached. Examples of these documents are a marriage license or a court order that shows the name change.

When a name change has happened, form DS-5504 needs to be filled out. DS-5504 is only meant for people whose current passport was issued within the previous year. When an expiration date is reached, a person needs to get a new one. A passport could expire for a number of reasons. Adult passports hit their expiration date after 10 years. When a child becomes an adult for passport purposes, age 16, that person’s passport expires. Otherwise, children’s passports expire after five years. Form DS-82 and meeting particular requirements will make it possible for adult passports to be replaced.

In order to get one by mail, it needs to be in a person’s care and not have any damage. The old one needs to be sent in with the application. The item has to be under 15 years old. It has to have been acquired after a person’s 16th birthday. Additionally, the name on this piece of identifying information should be up to date or any changes should be validated with attached documentation.

If a passport is stolen or lost getting a new one is a bit more complicated. The incident has to be reported before anything else can happen. There is a phone line dedicated to just such a purpose at the US state department. Form DS-64 is another way to report a loss or theft.

At the point that a report is made declaring an item missing, a new one can only be procured by filling out two forms. These forms include a DS-11, an application, and DS-64, a statement about the loss or theft. These forms have to be brought to an authorized passport location, they cannot be sent in the mail. If the incident occurs abroad, then a person has to go to the United States embassy or consulate in that country.

Without a rush, the fee for a new one is lower. Fees change based on what type of document a person needs and the reasons for that need. When both the normal book and a card are needed, the price is $140. Just the book without the card costs $110. People who already have a book but want to add a card pop up once in a while. They are only charged $30 in this case.

There are an assortment of forms and proper documentation needed in order to get one’s hands on a replacement Passport USA. There are many motivations for needing a new one. Some reasons could be that it expired or a person had a name change. Either way, it can be acquired by sending the application and forms through the mail.

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