Whatever You Are Interested In, You’ll Find It In London

by erin on June 12, 2011

With eight million people living there, London, the largest city in Western Europe, is completely chock-full of people, ideas, culture, and history. Very well known for the plenteous shopping, historically relevant landmarks, exciting nightlife, and abundance of full things to see and do, London is a great place for a vacation. Regardless of what sort of things you like, you will find something to interest you in London. In order to travel there, you will have to get a US passport beforehand.

Online Passport

Applying for and receiving a passport shouldn’t make you dread traveling. Instead of waiting in line at a passport office or post office, you can go online to get your passport. Online passport services expedite the entire process, even delivery time. Instead of waiting for months to get your passport, you can get it as quickly as you need it. Online passport sites offer an array of services to makes sure you can take care of everything all from one spot, such as passport renewal, passport replacement, and passports for children.

Tourism Curtain

If you are looking to peek behind the curtain of tourism that is so evident in London, consider going on the London Urban Adventures tour. A guide with a seemingly endless amount of personal knowledge of London will take you and a group of no more than 12 other people, usually only a few, around London’s lesser-known but very quality spots, through back alleys and through interesting stores. The friendly tour guide makes it his or her duty to show what London is really like when all the touristy stuff gets stripped away, and you are bound to leave feeling like a Londoner.

Relevant Landmarks

If you want to see all the most relevant landmarks all in one swoop, look into going on a Thames River Cruise. The Thames slides right through the middle of London and near some of the best-known landmarks and all without exhausting yourself by walking to all of them. For example, the cruise will take you by the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the HMS Belfast, and more.

Tower Of London

As one of the most important landmarks in all of London, the Tower of London is definitely something you don’t want to skip. Officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tower of London is very important cultural and historical landmark, and the area has served as a lookout for a thousand years. It’s also said to be haunted, with people seeing the ghosts of famous historical people like Anne Boleyn, Jane Gray, Henry VI, and more. You can also see the Crown Jewels inside, along with old notes scribbled by long-gone prisoners and historical exhibits, including pretty grimace-worthy one on torture.

Castles And Palaces

In addition to these landmarks, there’s also plenty of gorgeous castles and palaces to visit. For example, definitely visit where Queen Victoria was born and where Princess Diana lived in Kensington Palace. There’s also Windsor Castle, the largest occupied castle in the world, and Hampton Court Palace, where Henry VIII lived.

Travel Interest

If you are interested in something, London can offers something to cater to that interest. All you will need to travel there is a US passport, which is easily done online. With passport renewal service and more, you can get ready for a last-minute trip to London quickly and easily.

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