When Time Is A Problem, Express American Passport Service Can Save The Day

by erin on February 23, 2010

Time is most definitely money in today’s fast-paced business world. While it used to be that only corporate giants and celebrities needed to get overseas fast, this is no longer the case. Today, even a small business person may find that he or she needs to travel abroad quickly in order to meet a client or approve a product line in person. This is where express pass port service can make all of the difference.

All that need be done is a quick online search for ‘express passport service’ and there will be plenty hits to choose from. The best source for any current information that pertains to passports is of course the State Department. However, they are not necessarily the best place to go for expedited services. For a U.S. passport agency such as this, there are private companies that can offer an almost immediate turnaround time.

Many of the features that the different companies will offer will actually be quite similar. It should really come down to price and preference. The preference should be anchored in finding out which company is reputable and registered as a passport agency with the State Department. These locations will be able to get a passport turned around in as little as 24 hours.

In many cases, the applicant will have to make an appointment with the company. They may take walk-ins, but people find themselves waiting around all day long and sometimes still don’t get seen if the agency is one of the more popular ones. It is best to lock in an appointment and take full advantage of the speedy service that these companies offer.

When it comes to a minor, a stolen or lost passport and those that are getting their first passport, there will be the need to physically go to a government office. These circumstances demand that everything is done at a local or regional government passport office. After all the forms are approved, it is possible to let them now that expedited service is going to be used and the secured and approved documents can then be taken to an expedited service.

There are certain pre-existing conditions that make it impossible to use an express service, or obtain a passport at all for that matter. First and foremost, being behind or owing back court-ordered child support will automatically kick a passport application. This is a fact that not everyone is aware is the law and it is unpleasant surprise to be rejected. Other issues that passports are denied for include: arrest warrants, being on probation and having an active court subpoena.

Expedited services can be quite attractive, but before jumping in with both feet, make sure the company has a good reputation and that they are registered with the State Department. The information that is getting handed over is about as personal and sensitive as it gets, so making sure they are legitimate is important. This is easy enough to find out as this information is all public knowledge.

When time is of the essence, express pass port service is the perfect solution. Make no mistake about it, it can get expensive, but when the alternative is considered, the fees from a reputable passport agency are usually acceptable. For other people, they just want their passport in hand and cannot wait the 4-6 week typical turnaround of the government offices.

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