Why To Buy The Canon LBP-2410 Printer

by erin on June 21, 2011

The Canon LBP-2410 printer is one of the many successful products of Canon manufacturers. It is a laser shot printer in nature. A laser shot printer basically deals with heat. A beam projects an image of the object on an electrically charged drum. The drum from there prints the image onto the paper by pressing on the paper. This process involves heat that infuses the ink on the paper. This series of printers is not new and Canon has over the years produced other models. Despite this, it is said to be the veteran color printer and incorporated the company’s Canon Advanced Printing Technology. This technology majorly enabled the computer to handle the data processing as opposed to other models.

Communication Link

For the device to be able to print jobs requested by the computer, a communication link should be established between the operating system of the computer and the printer. The computer has to recognize the hardware and be able to support it in its system. First, the user has to install the drivers in the computer. The procedure on how to do this is provided in the manual. It uses a USB connection to connect to the computer. The good part of this device is its user friendliness in that alerts are sent to the user in case of low ink levels in the toner or if the paper is not properly placed.

Software Specifications

The specifications have to be clearly met in order for it to operate smoothly. This involves the software specifications. The drivers have to be properly installed in to the computers. In case of faults such as use of fake serial activation codes, the machine may fail to work due to improper links to the computer.

Strict Terms

Initially, the drivers were very strict in terms of operating systems supported in that it only supported the Windows XP professional. Later on, a new version, version 3.00.00, was released to accommodate recent operating systems such as windows 7 and windows vista. This made it more flexible.

Fine Images

Its ability to produce fine images and texts was due to the fact that it supported up to 9600dpi(measure of printing resolution). This is considered high in term of resolution. There is also a preset color mode for it. Even with this, there is still a set of color tools provided for expert users to modify to their liking.

Three Technologies

There are three technologies incorporated in the color capt technique. These include Soft Ultra Fast Rendering, Hi Smart Comparison Architecture and the pipeline technologies. The different properties of these technologies are what contribute to its fast printing abilities.

Rotating Barrel

The toner is what carries the ink in the machine. In this particular series, the toner system works with a rotating CMY barrel for toner cartridges. Loading the toner Involves squeezing the tabs located in the middle of the cartridges and inserting them. It is also oil-less producing dry, oil free work.


The Canon LBP-2410 printer supports up to one hundred pages. By installing an AXIS internal network card, the device can be accessed remotely. With this plus its fast printing capabilities, it is suitable for most offices situations using toner cartridges.

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