Why Women Are More Likely To Relapse Than Men

by AdamS on August 27, 2012

Although nobody really likes to admit or talk about it, drug and alcohol addiction is no longer just a man’s problem. Due to the emotional wiring of women, they are more likely to admit that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol sooner than men. For the same reason, however, they are also more likely to relapse. Women have different reasons for abusing substances than men, and they also relapse for different reasons. There are some typical challenges that threaten women’s sobriety. Those that go through intensive outpatient treatment programs are more likely withstand the temptations of a relapse. Go to https://www.thewatershed.com/treatment/programs/intensive-outpatient/ to find out how you can have a better chance at long-term sobriety.

Poor Coping Strategies

Women tend to be more fragile than men when it comes to emotionally stressful situations, therefore if they do not have adequate coping mechanisms they risk folding under the pressure. Healthy coping mechanisms must be taught and practiced in order to be sufficient. It is critical that while in the rehabilitation process, women take heed to the knowledge they can get from relapse prevention counseling. Talking with a counselor about how to deal with painful emotions caused by past trauma or everyday life stresses would be very helpful in making sure that they are ready when they are living independently once again.

The Nature Of Women

It can be difficult for women to transition from being in a treatment facility where they are focusing on themselves, to being thrust back into their homes where they return to playing the role of a care-giver. The stresses of everyday life at home may be a trigger that would typically lead them to using drugs or alcohol in order to manage. Women are also more relational than men, so it is more difficult for them to break off friendships with people that might encourage them to use again. The best thing that family members can do for their recovering loved one is to be mindful and considerate of their condition; speak with them about what they will need to stay sober and encourage them to free themselves from unsupportive relationships.

Romantic Relationships

When single women are recovering from an addiction, it is important that they abstain from getting into romantic relationships too soon. The first reason is the risk of replacing their old addiction with a new one. For example, sex, or using whatever substance that their partner is using. The second is that if the relationship ends in a manner that causes emotional upheaval, then the women will be more inclined to resort to old patterns of managing unpleasant emotions by using drugs or alcohol.

There are two ways that women have a significant advantage over men in the recovery process, and that is their ability to admit that there is a problem as well as conform to the treatment process. They should make a great effort to begin structuring a life that sustains their new found sobriety and demand that their family supports them in making the necessary changes. With the professional help of relapse prevention specialist, women can make sure that their greatest strengths can remain virtues that help them live a long life of sobriety. Quality aftercare programs can be found at https://www.thewatershed.com/resource/aftercare/.

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