Why You Should Visit Santorini

by Bridget on March 26, 2012

Anyone looking for an amazing and unique overseas travel destination this year would be wise to consider Santorini. It is a wonderful island nation that is home to some of the most spectacular sites in the world. However, if you are going to be traveling to Santorini you had better act fast. The country is currently under volcano watch. This volcano could erupt at any moment meaning the island may not be around for much longer. You must remember, if you are going to be traveling overseas, that you will need to present custom officials with a valid United States passport. If you need to get an expedited passport renewal before you leave you can take care of it online at a reputable passport agency. You must have a valid United States passport in hand in order to do any international traveling.

Passport Requirements

Passports are very important travel documents that allow for Untied States citizens to travel internationally. If you do not yet have a passport, you can go online and get an application from a passport agency. In the past, it used to take several weeks to obtain a passport. However, now it only takes a few days with internet passport agencies. You will need to show proof of citizenship before you get a new passport. You can show proof of your American citizenship with a birth certificate or a social security card. Anyone is a United States citizen is eligible to get their own United States passport.


Its peak tourism season is May through October, however visiting in the off season is much better as prices go down and the island is very quiet. Santorini, officially known as Thira, is an island in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece. It is part of the circular archipelago and is the most southern of the Cyclades islands. It is an island known for its sunsets, and picturesque scenes such as white buildings with blue domes.


What is known is that there was a major eruption, the biggest in history as of yet, it may not have wiped the Minoans out but many believe the eruption to be the basis for the mythic Atlantis. The lagoon is separated from the ocean by a smaller island known as Therasia. The eruption occurred about 3600 years ago during the height of the Minoan civilization. There has been debate concerning what caused the actual demise of the Minoans on the island of Crete; some believe the Minoans were wiped out much later.

What To Do

Santorini is one of the most naturally beautiful tourist destinations in the entire world. If you are looking for great things to do while you are on the island, you can go online and find many different attractions that you can take part in. There are wonderful wineries around the island that offer fantastic tours and tastings of some of the island’s best wines. Also, there are wonderful hiking and donkey riding tours that are very popular with tourists. While on these tours, you can take in all of the beautiful natural landscapes and scenery that Santorini has to offer visitors. Santorini is a fantastic place to visit on an international vacation. However, act fast, as the island may not be around for much longer.

Anyone who is looking for a great international vacation destination should think about going to Santorini. It is a gorgeous island nation that is currently under volcano watch. However, the nation has some of the world’s most spectacular natural scenery and would make a fantastic travel destination. If you need to get an expedited passport renewal before your trip, you can easily go online and get this taken care of by a passport agency. In the past, this process used to take up to a few weeks. Now, you can get your United States passport shipped to you in as little as a few days.

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