WishMirror – Know What To Buy For Your Friends And Family

by garrett on March 17, 2009

Have you ever looked at the calendar and realized your Mother’s birthday is coming up? You have no idea what to get her, but you have got two weeks, so it’s no worry. That is enough time to order something, but you still do not know what to get her. That is where WishMirror comes in. With WishMirror, you can connect with, and see the wish lists of, your friends and family members. You can also mark important occasions so you do not forget, and even post your own wish list so you are guaranteed to get what you want for your birthday.

Everyone has been in that situation: no clue what to gift for your niece’s graduation, your boss’s birthday, or your cousin’s wedding. With WishMirror, you will not have that problem anymore. Sign up for WishMirror, get all your friends and family signed up, and start sharing your wish lists! WishMirror is like an online community where you can keep up to date with your friends and family members while sharing photos and talking about gift ideas for each other.

Every year, people are invited to many important occasions. They go to weddings, birthday parties, graduations, and other special occasions. Not to mention that there’s more than one holiday for every month. Do not get caught without a gift for every occasion! WishMirror even has a page on their website dedicated to gift ideas. Just go to the page, and you can filter by category or by price range. The displayed items even have a zero-to-five star rating system, so you can see what other users have said, and even post your own rating on products you have purchased.

So what about your account? Well, for starters, you can keep track of any and all of the gifts that you receive, along with any gifts that you bought for others. That way, you will not accidentally double gift someone the same gift. You can set important dates and events and never forget an important event again; WishMirror will remind you automatically that Mother’s Day is next week, and what she wants. It does not get any easier than that. The most important thing about having your own account is posting your own personal wish list. No longer will you receive gifts that you do not like.

Stop worrying about checking the calendar every day for up-coming events. WishMirror will keep track of everything for you. You will always know what your Dad wants for Father’s Day and your brother wants for their birthday. You will not forget important dates anymore, and you especially will not be stuck receiving gifts that you do not want. Sign up for WishMirror and start sharing your wish list!

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