Xerox Phaser 3450 Printer – The Solution To Your Office’s Issues

by garrett on September 8, 2009

The solution to your printing jobs is here and it is the Xerox Phaser 3450 printer. Regardless if your office is small in stature or large, this printer can enable you to perform print jobs with no worries as to the end product.  Amazingly gorgeous prints and graphics are yours with the quality Xerox Phaser 3450 printer toner cartridge producing perfect pages, first to last.

The Xerox Phaser 3450 printer works extremely well and is competitive as far as pricing goes. Any office can benefit from having this printer on hand to meet the everyday demands of office situations. Presently this printer is making some big bangs in many corporate offices around the globe.

The printer is being called a powerhouse by the people who utilize it for their daily print jobs. It printer has the ability to print 25 pages per minute without any ailments. The first page that prints normally prints out within 12 seconds, so you can go back to your desk and know that the printer is performing the way it should be.

The printer is well equipped with the necessary tools it needs in order to perform printing jobs quickly and efficiently. It consists of a 266 MHZ processor as well as 36 MB of ram. These features are what give this little powerhouse the opportunity to keep working hard and never letting up.

With this printer you don’t have to worry about consistently having to change paper in-between every print job. It actively holds 600 sheets of paper and comes equipped with an additional back up tray that holds 500 pieces of paper, respectively. These let you engage in your printing jobs with no further interruptions.

There are specialized web pages that are actually built straight into the printer. These pages allow administrators the tools they need to troubleshoot and manage the computer straight from their desktops. With this printer you have the ability to print several different things. You can print regular papers, as well as booklets, watermarks, and ensure that everything that you need to print on the page can be cropped to fit on the page allotted for the print job.

The Xerox Phaser 3450 printer can also allow you to save on overhead charges. It has the ability to complete print jobs on both sides of the paper, this way there is less paper that you have to worry about purchasing. It is exceptionally compact and can fit tightly into any size office. Which goes to show you that regardless of where you choose to set the printer you never have to worry about it being in anyone’s way.

There are special controls that are located outside the printer that you can use as well. If the printer runs into any problems when it is trying to complete a printing job you will be notified on your screen. This means that the printer already knows what it needs to do, if it needs further interaction from you, it will make you aware of it.

All of the Xerox Phaser 3450 printers are backed by a one-year warranty. If you have any trouble with the printer at any time, contact the Xerox company immediately and they will help you with your situation.

Adding Xerox Phaser 3450 toner to this printer gives you the power to produce some of the most sharp looking prints on the market. The specific details and print speed are world class and prove why the Phaser 3450 continues to be an incredible choice for any business.

Packing performance and professionalism in one neat package, Xerox has managed another in a long line of great printers.  Using Xerox toner cartridge with this printer is a guarantee of the quality of your end result.  Not all toners are the same and the smart user is aware that adding Xerox Phaser Series toner to their Phaser Series printer will always produce the best.  Since toner is such a vital element in this situation, if not the most vital one, companies such as Qtoner will make sure you have plenty on hand with their fast shipping and great prices!

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