An Introduction To The Xerox Phaser 7300 Printer

by erin on August 18, 2010

The Xerox Phaser 7300 Printer is a reliable, fast, quality color printer which is equally at home printing office memos or company reports. Printing at 2400 dpi (dots per inch) this machine delivers pin sharp text, extremely fine lines and brilliant colors that will enhance the look of any spreadsheet, drawing, flow chart, schedule, or company marketing material. Featuring a sensor to automatically adjust the temperature of the fuser depending on the type of paper being used, the printer will produce the same results whether using standard bond paper or recycled stock.

The machine will produce 30 pages per minute of full color material and 37 pages per minute of black, with the color page being printed in only 16 seconds, making this one of the fastest printers around. The power of the 500 MHz processor will be a distinct advantage in a busy office with varied printing requirements. The physical memory may be upgraded to 512 MB and the optional hard drive which has a minimum capacity of 20GB supports print queuing, a useful feature if the printer is being used on a network. This peripheral comes standard with 136 True Adobe Postscript fonts and 45 PCL5c fonts.

Although the machine is supplied standard with a 550 sheet paper tray, it has the ability to add a range of other trays stacked one upon the other holding a variety of paper sizes and weights making it a boon in a busy office with varied paper requirements. Large volume runs of up to 83,000 pages per month are possible and the large capacity easily replaceable toner cartridges realize huge cost savings for cash strapped companies. There is a Run Black facility which offers the choice of running a print job in black only if one of the color toner cartridges run dry.

This machine employs the Xerox CentreWare Management software for Microsoft, Unix and Novell. Drivers are available for most Windows, Novell Netware, Linux, Sun, DEC, HP and IBM AIX systems. This time saving software can display job and printer status, accounting details, E-mail notifications and network administration data when hooked up to a Local Area Network.

The Phaser Installer software reduces the installation to a single click. The printer administrator has the ability to manage the machine from any location using any web browser. Error messages will pop up on the users monitor if a problem is experienced, thanks to the PrinterScout software.

The Dynamic Driver Interface displays status, will select the appropriate paper tray and will detect the application settings for any user’s job. Big workgroups with big print runs are handled with ease. Because of the 500 MHz processor, a lot of employees can use the machine at the same time.

The machine can even do its own troubleshooting thanks to the supplied unique PhaserSMART software. This is an automated Internet based support system. It can be connected via a parallel port, USB port or an Ethernet cable.

The Xerox Phaser 7300 Printer with its ability to accommodate multiple page sizes and paper weights all at the same time will make it find easy acceptance in most busy offices. It can be placed on a table or be floor standing if the multiple paper trays are attached. World-class support and Xerox toner together with the one year warranty for on site repairs will make it difficult to match.

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